Reunion 2013

Class of 1948 Reunion 2013

First row: Gerald Milton, Roy Newcombe

Second row: Lloyd Graham, Roy Murley

Reunion 2008

Class of 1948 Reunion 2008

First row: Carol (Joyce) Proctor, Nan (Wilson) Miller, Elizabeth (Anderson) Parker, Marian (Hansen) Perkins

Second row: Ralph Welch, Roy Murley, Doris (Langille) Wentzell, Lucille (McNamara) Jones, Roy Newcombe

Third row: Lloyd Graham, Gerry Milton, Ted Baxter, Stewart Ogilvie, R. Paul Johnson

From the archives

Submitted by Ralph and Arlene Welch
"Two images which if combined are the alpha and omega of the Class of 1948 while at MtA — at least for males."

Class of 1948 archive 1

Class of 1948 archive 2

Class officers

Vice-President -
Agnes (Wilson) Miller
Secretary-Treasurer -
Edward Baxter

Class yell

It’s the rickety, rackety, rickety rate
For the fighting class of ’48.
Glory, right, spirit and might,
The winning class of scarlet and white.

Class of 1948 Bursary

The Class of 1948 supports a bursary that helps students with financial need realize their dream of a University education. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help support future generations of students.

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