Welcome Class of '57!

Class of 1957 crest

Attendees - Reunion 2017

These are the classmates who have already registered:

Angus (Fraser), Joan '57 & Murray Angus
Archibald, A. Fred '57 & Vera Archibald
Ashworth, Hugh '57
Atkinson, Aubrey '57 
Barrett, Fred '57 & Claire Barrett
Bentley, Firman '57 
Braine, Linda '57 & Florence Sanna
Carlisle-Irving, Joan '57
Colwell, Neil '57 & Betty (Olding) Colwell '56
Cumming, Ian '57 & Evelyn (Monck) Cumming '58
Dewar (Fleming), Mary Lou '57 & Bob Dewar '57
Doane (Wallace), Nancy '57
Fay-Holland (Foster), Elizabeth '57 & Melody Gay '80
Francis (Hamilton), Arlene '57
Francis, Ray '57 &  Sheila (Branch) Francis '81
Gerdts (Clarke), Rosemary '57 
Graham, David '57
Hannah, Jerry '57 & Kaye Hannah
Hilchie, John '57 & Mary Hilchie
Johnston (Wheaton), Beverly Ann '57 & Douglas Johnston '56
King (McPhail), Ann Louise '57
Lovely, Frank '57 
MacDonald (Cameron), Jessie '57
MacNutt (Reid), Dawn '57 & Merle Pratt '58
Mann, Bud '57 & Ruth Mann
Patterson, Nelson '57 & Marilyn Patterson
Penney, Pearce '57
Richard, Tony '57 & Nola Richard
Smith, Bruce '57 & Carolyn Smith
Tissington (Roach), Lorna '57 
Trafford (Hughson), Brenda '57
Vanier, Peter '58 & Kaye Vanier

Reunion 2017

Mount Allison Reunion 2017

Class of '57 All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Campbell Hall
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with your choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeils (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • COST: $245 (with lobster dinner)/ $225 (with ham dinner)

» The Class of '57 All-Inclusive package is now SOLD OUT
» You can still register for meals, events, and accommodations using Registration Option 2: Customize your weekend


Class letter

Dear classmates:

Pretty hard to believe we will be having our 60th Class Reunion in May 2017!

It was a long time ago, but I am sure that most of us can still remember our first days on campus, the name tag we wore which, in most cases, carried an unflattering name. Some of us remember the first day on campus. In many cases our first roommates and friendships have become lifelong friendships, soulmates, and even spouses.

We have come together at reunions frequently; each time more precious than the last. And now it is time to gather again. These opportunities become more and more precious. We won’t be doing the formal calling to generate large numbers as we did for our fiftieth. We’re not all as mobile as we’d like, but we’d love to see as many who can make it for another great group hug. And, we encourage you to call your classmate friends to see if they will join us.

We will all first find one another at registration in Campbell Hall. We can gather in our own ‘common room’ in the lounge at the end of the hall where many of us will be booking our rooms. We will all eat together at the Welcome Back Dinner on Friday evening in Jennings Hall. Some will go off to hear the Barra MacNeils later that evening, others can gather in our own ‘common room’ until late in the evening, joined later by the returning concert goers. We will all wear name tags with our names (in large print!) We will hold an informal class meeting, and although not part of the formal agenda, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit Mel’s, and various downtown establishments.

Because many of us can’t be sure we are up to the travel for Reunion, some may be reluctant to register until they are sure they can come. We are happy to report that there is a refund policy in place that allows cancellation with full refund up to 72 hours before Reunion time. That allows us to declare our intentions without penalty until the last minute. Also, the more people who submit their names for plans to come, the more enticing it is for the rest! Another great feature of registration is that we can book the whole package, or pick and choose specific events.

Jerry Hannah has been instrumental in keeping in touch with University Archivist David Mawhinney. David is keen on presenting Mount A stories, especially at Reunion time. He is particularly interested in our Junior Prom stories (remember ‘Brigadoon’…and the infamous cannon story!) He would like to hear from anyone who could write their recollections of how the Old Gym was transformed…the wall scenery (pre-painted in strips, the ‘sky’, construction of the castle, the borrowing of the firepower, etc.) You may write, snail mail, or e-mail David any details and images to add to the picture! His e-mail is dmawhinney@mta.ca, or write directly to David Mawhinney, Mount Allison University Archivist, 49 York Street, Sackville NB, E4L 1C6 Canada.

If you are planning to stay in one of the residences, remember they fill up early so don’t miss out. The Alumni Office has offered Campbell Hall as the residence for our class, but know that reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember to register early! We are really looking forward to seeing you all in May. Have a safe journey, the best to all of you and remember:

Bud Mann, President

Dawn MacNutt, Vice-President

Reunion 2012

Class of 1957 Reunion 2012

Front row: Elizabeth (Moore) Armour, Brenda Trafford, Nancy (Wallace) Doane, Eleanor (Grant) MacKay, Rosemary (Clarke) Gerdts, Dawn (Reid) MacNutt

Second row: Merle Elderkin MacGowan, Bev (Wheaton) Johnston, Arlene (Hamilton) Francis, Jessie (Bingham) Joyce, Mary (MacFadyem) Glauser, Lorna (Roach) Tissington, Charles McLaughlin

Third row: Jerry Hannah, Layton Fisher, David Graham, Pearce Penney, A. Fred Archibald, John Caron, Bud Mann, Neil Colwell

Reunion 2007

Class of 1957 Reunion 2007

Floor, left to right: Layton Fisher, Merle (Elderkin) MacGowan, Nels Patterson, Dawn (Reid) MacNutt, Lorna (MacMahon) Gillis, Jessie (Cameron) MacDonald, Linda Braine, Kenneth R. MacDonald, Don Darby

Sitting: Helen (Drew) Woods, B.L. Mary Lou (Fleming) Dewar, Brenda (Hughson) Trafford, Marion (Irving) Daigle, Joan (Fanjoy) Russell, Laurie Bowes, Eleanor (Grant) MacKay, Rosemary (Clarke) Gerdts, Lorna (Roach) Tissington, Mary (McReynolds) McDonald

Third row: Joan (Fraser) Angus, Margaret (Christie) Embree, Norma (Reid) Jones, Margaret (Jones) Fetterly, Arlene (Hamilton) Francis, Elizabeth (Moore) Armour, Katherine (Fisher) Nickerson, Nancy (Wallace) Doane, Dorothy (Whiting) Hannam, Janice (Caron) Watt, Bev (Wheaton) Johnston, June (Taylor) Boswell, Gail Miller Kaye, Joan Carlisle-Irving, Ann Louise (McPhail) King, Frank Lovely

Fourth row: Firman Bentley, Tony Richard, Neil Colwell, Joan (Fulmore) Thompson, Huch Ashworth, Fred Barrett, Bruce Smith, Ian Cumming, Joe Burton, John Caron, Bill Fluhmann

Fifth row: Donald Goss, Owen Woods, Joanne McDonald, Thelma Colbourne, John Field, Peter Davis, A. Fred Archibald, David Graham, Hugh Macdonald, Christopher Pratt, Graham Frampton

Sixth row: Robert Dickie, Bob Dewar, Don Wishart, Peter Daniels, Aubrey Atkinson, Jerry Hannah, David Wills, Ray A. Francis, Bud Mann

Class officers

President -
Bud Mann
Dawn (Reid) MacNutt -

Class yell

We’ll be famous, we’ll be bold
We’ll stand up for black and gold
These are our colours, raise them high
Above the campus they will fly
’57 never fall
All for one and one for all
We’re the best, we’ll always be
’57 variety
1-9-5-7 Alumni!!!

Class of 1957 Pratt Lectures

The Class of 1957 continues to support its class project, Pratt Lectures. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to this great project.

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