Reunion 2018


Class of '58 & '59 Joint Reunion - All-Inclusive Package


  •     Two nights accommodations at Campbell Hall
  •     Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with choice of ham or lobster
  •     East Coast Kitchen Party with the Signal Hill (Friday evening)
  •     Saturday breakfast and lunch
  •     Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  •     Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  •     Sunday breakfast

    COST: $260 (with lobster dinner)/ $240 (with ham dinner)

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 Reunion Attendees

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Ivan Freeborn
Elizabeth Freeborn
Theodore Cassidy
Barbara Hamilton-Pfeiffer
Bev Williamson
Rick Williamson
Howard Ladd
Eileen Ladd
Clark Bushell
Bim Bushell
Ron Strange
Penny Terceira
Reid Harrison
Marilyn Harrison (O’Neill)
John Paterson
John Allan
Clair Ripley
Ross Thompson
Pat Thompson
Harriet Meacher
Michael G Meacher
Theodore Margeson
Paul Cumming
Diane Palmeter
Jane Hartling
Judith Boswell
Peter Flemmington
A. Jean Flemmington
Ruth Linden
Harold Plummer
Donald Archibald
Cairine White
Nelson Weatherby
Esma Rae Taylor
Tom Taylor ('90)
Heather Woolf


 Class Letter

Dear Class of ’58 and ’59 members,

We have circularized all of class of ’59 as well as the Class of ’58 members who have a registered email addresses with the university, asking for their opinion regarding a joint reunion this coming May. The feedback was almost 100% in favour of a joint reunion rather than the class of ’59 waiting for May of 2019.

This will be the third time that the Classes of ’59 and ’58 have joined their reunions. We have in each case been more than happy to have made that choice agreeing that it has given the attendees of both classes the opportunity to meet more people and have more fun. John Roberts the president of ’58 and I have always discussed these meetings in advance and following each meeting agreeing they were great events.

Therefore, we happily invite you to the Class of ’58 and ’59 joint reunion the weekend of May 11-13, 2018. All of the Class of ’58 members surveyed are in favour and hoping that the Class of ’59 will join them and make it a record attendance. “We ain’t gettin' any younger, so who knows if we will get another kick at the cat?”. Don’t miss out on what might be the last chance to meet with some of your old buddies.

A happy new year to you all, We hope see you in Sackville in May.

Ron Strange and John Roberts

Class of '59 Update

September 2016

Over May 13-15, 2016, the Class of '59 joined with all 1950s classes for Reunion Weekend. Our dozen members present thought '50 era together a great idea!

At our Saturday morning Class meeting, our President Ron Strange, welcomed us all and thanked us for returning to campus for this weekend event. An important agenda item was to present Bim Bushell with Honourary Membership into our Class. An official framed scroll was presented to Bim recognizing her devoted attendance at every Reunion with her husband Clark for over forty years.

Also present was Susan Smith, Development Officer, who gave us an update on our Class Bursary Fund. This fund has grown to over $200,000 and this past academic year four scholarships were awarded to deserving students. Fantastic! We urge you not to forget our Class Bursary Project when contributing to the University.

Before dispersing there was an informal 'catch up' and shared information on many members who were not there.

Later in the day all returning members of 1950s received The Charles Frederick Allison pin at an impressive ceremony at Convocation Hall with Senator Catherine Callbeck & Board of Regent member Scott McCain presenting the pins. During the Alumni Banquet that evening our Class President, Ron, was recipient of the Charles Frederick Allison Alumni Recognition Award. Well done Ron!

The Campus looked amazing for all returning Alumni to see and be impressed in particular by the most recent addition, The Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts.

Sackville was good to us ....just a sprinkle of rain.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny ( Peel ) Terceira,
Life V.P. Class of '59

Reunion 2013

Class of 1959 Reunion 2013

First row: Barb Hamilton-Pfeiffer, Bev (Whitehead) Williamson, Ruth (Coates) Linden, Doris (Darrah) Feltham, Richard VanSnick

Second row: John Allan, Clark Bushell, Elsa Beattie, Ron Strange, Donna (Gallant) Roos, Jean (Marshall) Probyn, Barbara (Campbell) Roberts, Betty (MacLeod) Gamble, Penny (Peel) Terceira

Third row: Reid Harrison, Ted Margeson, Keith MacDermid, Pearl McCully, Seth Greenwald, Sandra Murray, Bob Stroud, Bruce MacBeath

Fourth row: Ann Millar, Paul Cumming

Reunion 2009

Class of 1959 Reunion 2009

First row: Jan (Horne) MacBeath, Doris (Darrah) Feltham, Sandra (MacMillan) Jordan, Allison Milk, Ian Thomson, John McCrea, Ann Millar, Ronald Dawson

Second row: Elizabeth (Reeves) Freeborn, Ruth (Coates) Linden, Beverley (Lester) Johnston, Elizabeth (MacDougall) Pierce, Bev (Smith) Ferguson, Joan (Swyers) Grandy, Walter Peters, Alan Seth Greenwald, Owen G. Wheelock

Third row: Audrey (Veinotte) John, Donna (Gallant) Roos, Max Dingle, Bev (Whitehead) Williamson, Loretta Cassidy (Trevors), June (Marsters) Hart, Jean (Snow) Sheridan, Barb (Campbel) Roberts, Sandra (MacMillan) Murray, Harold R. Moss, Pat (Barbour) Peer, Jean (Marshall) Probyn

Fourth row: Allan Bruce, Carman Burns, Martha Killam Macdougall, Cairine (Fillmore) White, Judy Boswell (McColm), Nelson Weatherby, Bruce MacBeath, Paul Cumming, Reid Harrison, Jim Price, John Paterson

Fifth row: Clark Bushell, Elsa (Beattie) Riley, Barb Hamelon-Pfeiffer, John Allan, Bob Stroud, Ken MacDermid, Betty Gamble

Sixth row: Robert Holmes, Earle Wood, Fayne Bullen, Stuart Watson, Ted Margeson, Ed Jordan, Len Fletcher, Ivan Freeborn, Ron Strange

Reunion 2004

 Class of 1959 Geraldine Reid

Geraldine Reid ('59)

Class of 1959 Nancy and Martha

Nancy (Jubien) Bratakos ('59) and Martha (Killam) MacDougall ('59)

Class officers

President -
Ron Strange
Vice-President -
Penelope (Peel) Terceira
Secretary-Treasurer -
William Brooks

Class yell

Who’s tops? We’re tops
Our fame and fortune never stops
We’re out in front and we’ll stay there too
There is nothing we can’t do
Yippity Yah! Yippity Yeah!
Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen say
Pink and Charcoal, thats our sign.
Yeah, for the class of ‘59

Class of 1959 Bursary

The Class of 1959 continues to support a bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students with financial need realize their dream of a University education.

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