Reunion 2018


 Class of '63 All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Campbell Hall
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Signal Hill (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast

COST: $260 (with lobster dinner)/ $240 (with ham dinner)

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Mary Black
Clay Coveyduck
Joan Coveyduck
Susan Hierlihy
Tom Hierlihy
Robert Day
Izabel Dabrowski
Philip Bagnell
Heather Bagnell
Carol Hall
John Hall
Diane MacLeod Shink
Gerald Romsa
Mary Romsa
Brian Donnelly
Robyn Coates
John Coates
Beverley Hennigar
Blois Hennigar
Elizabeth McCubbin
Bruce McCubbin
Brian Donnelly


Class Letter


Dear Classmates:

Our very best wishes for the New Year. As our ’63 number has once again surfaced in Sackville, New Brunswick, this is just a reminder of the reunion dates plus a little nudge – all with our hope of being able to reconnect with as many of you as can possibly in May.

We find it hard to believe it is 55 years…in fact, it is almost 60 years since our freshman class tied a Class of ’63 banner in the trees as a cheeky greeting to all students returning from Christmas break in January 1960. If any of you have a photo of that rebellious act we would welcome a copy for our May gathering.

Which reminds us, this is your reunion and we welcome suggestions, photos, stories and greetings even if you might not be able to attend. This is about reconnecting and sharing, hopefully in person. Be free to send to . Eric Donovan, the Alumni Relations Officer, will be the major organizer for the entire weekend, but we will do our best to provide input and guidance based on your thoughts and suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing you in May.

Phil Bagnell     Sue Hierlihy    Marg MacKenzie      Tom Hierlihy

Class Officers

Reunion 2013

Class of 1963 Reunion 2013

First row: Sheila Caseley, Suzanne (Butler) Hubley, Mary (Vogler) Black, Mary McCutcheon, Leslie (MacKenzie) Van Wagner, Avalon (Daley) Neale, Charlotte (Stacey) Sutherland, Liz (Watson) Henderson

Second row: Annabelle (Thorne) Mays, Mary (Reid) Romsa, Doug Steeves, Peter C. Rand, Richard Chui, Bob Day, Dick Sutherland, Dave Taylor, Ralph Waugh, Sue Hierlihy, John Hall, Norma (Wheeler) Ellis

Third row: Aubrey Martell, George Hare, Archie Bower, Joanna (Kellegrew) Blair, Dianne Reid, Marion (Whitehead) Groundwater, Frank Entis, Clayton Coveyduck, Diane MacLeod Shink, Blois Hennigar, Judy (Harrison) Hickey, Margaret (Porter) MacKenzie, Rose (MacDonald) MacKenzie

Fourth row: David Hubley, Claude Hoffman, Bruce Wornell, Ken Cameron, Bruce McCubbin, Tom Hierlihy, Dave Hickey, Ray Homer

Fifth row: Geoff Smith, Brian Donnelly, David Read, Gary Chegger, John Coates

Class of 1963 Bursary Fund

The Class of 1963 Bursary Fund plays a vital role in support of Mount Allison students, and has done so for over a decade. The following information was provided by the University.

To date, our Fund has given assistance to 49 students — for a total of $48,469! Our Fund currently stands at over $200,000. It is an income generating Fund, and from that income, the bursaries are given. Ours is one of the very largest Class Projects in Mount Allison history.

We should be very proud of what we have accomplished — yet we can do even more. This is our 50th reunion year; in some way we have all been shaped by our Mount Allison experience. To commemorate this very special year, please consider a donation to our project, whether that be an initial donation or an additional one.

Reunion 2008

Class of 1963 Reunion 2008

First row: Mary Lou (Harrison) Duncan, Susan (Gillis) Hierlihy, Leslie (MacKenzie) VanWagner, Sheila Caseley, Rose (MacDonald) MacKenzie

Second row: Bob Day, Aubrey Martell, Tom Hierlihy, Blois Hennigar
Third row: Phil Bagnell, Bruce McCubbin, John Hall, John Coates

Class officers

President -
Philip Bagnell
Vice-President -
Susan (Gillis) Hierlihy
Treasurer -
Tom Hierlihy
Secretary -
Margaret (Porter) MacKenzie
Valedictorian -
George Hare

Class yell

You can tell and you can see
That we’re the class of ’63!
We have leaders, scholars, too,
Yea! For tangerine and blue.
Are we ready? Are we set?
We we make it? Yes, you bet.
Every challenge we will take.
Every record we will break,
A class to honor we will be.
We’re the Class of ’63.
1963! 1963! 1963!

Class of 1963 Bursary

The Class of 1963 continues to support a bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students with financial need realize their dream of a University education.

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