Attendees - Reunion 2017

These are the classmates who have already registered:

Andrews, Ian '67 & Joyce Andrews
Baker (Morehouse), Carol '67 & Stewart Baker
Banks (Perry), Jane '67
Bibby (Warwick), Mary Ann '67
Bond (MacRae), Bond '67
Braid, Kate '67
Cameron (Rodenhiser), Susan '67
Campbell, Bruce '67
Cappelli, Paul '67/'68 
Coates (Knee), Judy '66/'67 & Harry Coates 
Cook (Hendrickson), Helen '67 & Harold Cook 
Crane (Pfeiffer), Heike '67 & John Crane
Dann, Dennis '67 & Pauline Dann
Dechman, William '67
Dunker (Waddell), Jane '67
Dyer (Vanzoost), Sandra '67 & Philip Dyer '67 
Farnon, John '67 & Elizabeth Farnon
Fraser, Lloyd '67 & Elaine (MacGowan) Fraser '67
Fullerton, David '67 & Diane (Merrill) Fullerton '68
Gass, David A. '67
Gass, David S. '67 & Lori Keelty
Hegge, Calvin '67 
Hill (Rose), Linda '67 & Laurie Hill '66
Hopkirk, Gerry '67 & Gail Jenkins Hopkirk 
Jay (Trueman), Martha '67 & Linwood Jay '65
Jordan (Cunningham), Audrey '67 & Robert Jordan '69
Lawson, Murray '67 & Helen Lawson
Lindsay, Robert '67 & Dorothy (MacPhee) Lindsay '67 
MacIntosh, Alexander '67 & Shirley (Adams) MacIntosh '68 
MacKay, Gordon '67 & Sandra (Johnston) MacKay '68
McKnight, Hugh '67 & Joan (Eagles) McKnight '69
Miller, Alan '67 & Patricia Stout 
Morrison (MacLeod), Elizabeth '67 & Alan Morrison
Moyse, Cyril '67 & Sharon (Smith) Moyse '67
Peach (Ward), Rosanne '67 & John Peach
Peacock, Stephen '67 & Darlaine Peacock 
Pergau, Paul '67 & Lesley Pergau
Perrin (Hayman), Joan '67 & Bob Perrin
Powell, Doug '67 
Robb, Joseph '67 &  Nancy (Grainger) Robb '68
Rose (Miles), Judy '67 & Sheldon Rose
Sealy (Fensom), Jean & Robert Sealy '64
Sharpe (Drake), Lynda '67
Simms (Peckham), Lyn '67 & Richard Simms
Sterns, Kevin '67 & Charles Skowron
Sutherland, Jim '67 & Ruth Anne Sutherland
Thompson, Richard '67
Toole (Akerley), Suzanne '67
Vogan, Nancy '67
Wright, Robert '67

Reunion 2017

Mount Allison Reunion 2017

Class of '67 All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Campbell Hall
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with your choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeils (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast at Jennings Hall
  • Private Saturday luncheon in Windsor Hall Lounge
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • COST: $245 (with lobster dinner)/ $225 (with ham dinner)

» The Class of '67 All-Inclusive package is now SOLD OUT
» You can still register for meals, events, and accommodations using Registration Option 2: Customize your weekend


Class letter

Dear classmates,

This is the ninth time I have prepared a letter with the help of a number of your classmates, in the hopes of enticing you back to our Mount A Reunion. This is our 50th and we are the special class. Our past gatherings have been fun and informative as we caught up with old friends, and toured the ever-changing Mount Allison campus. Ideally, our class yell reflects the life you have experienced, and you have many stories to share with classmates and old friends you may not have seen in years.

Hopefully, this message finds you enjoying retirement; or for those still working, doing so due to the energy and exuberance we all had in abundance in our formative years. But I expect most of us have transitioned to a more controlled lifestyle, with time to do activities of our own choosing, time to reflect on the fun and friends associated with our years at Mount A, and time to plan to attend our 50th Reunion. This note is especially directed to those classmates who haven’t been able to attend past Reunions; we missed catching up with you. If attending a Class Reunion just once is on your bucket list, this is the time to do it!

Reunion Weekend is May 12-14, 2017, so now is the time to highlight those dates on your calendar. The Alumni Office assigns particular residences to classes, and in our case, Campbell Hall (where Palmer used to be), is the most sought after because of ensuite bathrooms, fridges, and elevators! But we will share Campbell Hall with those coming for the Music Reunion that same weekend, so if you plan to stay in residence, you must register early. The Windsor Hall common room also is being designated to the Class of ’67 for our class gatherings. Over the years, these have been the most memorable part of our Reunion, reviving memories, and rekindling friendships.

On Friday night, the Barra MacNeils will be in concert in Jennings Hall, just as they were at our 45th. On Saturday, a campus tour is scheduled, and then we’ll gather as a class, and with our significant others, in Windsor Hall for lunch and our class meeting. As most of you know, at our 35th Reunion we initiated the “Class of 67 Award” for students with specific challenges, and for the past dozen years it has allowed us to award bursaries to eligible students. Mount A staff familiar with the award will explain its benefits at the meeting and tell us of the many different ways a student was helped to succeed at Mount A with the help of our bursary. We will be seeking your continued support to increase the award’s capacity to help more financially challenged students succeed at Mount Allison.

On Saturday afternoon, our class will also gather in Convocation Hall to receive our 50-year pins.  Remember, we were the first class to cross that stage at graduation!

Your reunion organizing committee consists of Dave Gass, Liz Evans, Helen Cook, Sharon Moyse, Joe Robb, Rick Thompson, Nancy Vogan, Gord MacKay, and me. Our primary responsibility is to reach out to you, our classmates, to encourage you to come to Reunion. Any of you who would like to join us in this task are welcome, but at a minimum, we hope you will contact classmates you are in touch with and let them know you plan to attend as an incentive for them to come too.

In previous editions of this letter I highlighted comments from classmates attached to their graduation picture in the “Allisonian,” and the meaning their comments took on as the years went by. This time in my browsing I was taken by the fact that 50 years have passed. Our yearbook featured the opening of Convocation Hall, the Music Conservatory, and Mount A’s first computer centre. How times have changed, and what stories we have to share.

It’s our 50th! Circle the calendar for May 12-14, contact some classmates, and plan to return to Mount A for another memorable weekend.

Sandy MacIntosh -
David Gass -
Liz Evans -
Helen Cook -                     
Gord MacKay -
Sharon Moyse -
Joe Robb -
Rick Thompson -
Nancy Vogan -

Reunion 2012

Class of 1967 Reunion 2012

Front row: Heather (Gray) Lewis, Linda (Rose) Hill, Carol (Morehouse) Baker, Nancy Vogan, Jane (Perry) Banks, Helen (Hendrickson) Cook

Back row: Sandy MacIntosh, Gordon MacKay, Hugh McKnight, Bill Dechman, Joseph Robb, David A. Gass, Rick Thompson, David S. Gass

Reunion 2007

Class of 1967 Reunion 2007

Left to Right, First Row: Audrey Jordan (Cunningham), Joseph Robb, Helen (Hendrickson) Cook, Sandy MacIntosh, Rick Thompson, Linda Hill (Rose)

Second Row: Nancy Vogan, Heather (Gray) Lewis, Sharon (Smith) Moyse, Cyril Moyse, Ian Andrews, David A. Gass, Sandy (Van Zoost) Dyer, Susan (Rodenhiser) Cameron

Third Row: Peter Clare, Robert Ogilvie, Jane (Perry) Banks, Cal Hegge, Gordon MacKay, Bob Wright, George MacDonald, Phil Dyer

Class officers

President -
Alexander MacIntosh
Treasurer -
David Gass
Secretary -
Elizabeth (Anglin) Evans

Class yell

Spirit we have, intelligence too
Exuberance is ours, to dare and to do
Yell for Vermillion, shout for jet
Exclaim aloud, we’re the best class yet
Viewing the future, everything looks bright,
Nothing can daunt us, ‘67 fight!

Class of 1967 Disability Award

The Class of 1967 has a class project to help students pay for expenses associated with having a disability. The class continues to support this award.

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