Reunion Weekend 2015

Reunion 2015 - Class of 1975

Floor (L-R): Brian Hayden, Brenda Jones, Barbie Smith, Patti (Smith) Gilbert, Debbie Scoffield, Jamie Storey.

Seated (L-R): Rita Kean, Marilyn MacDonald, Gail Denman, Sue Aubé, Sheila (Berridge) Blagrave, Pinie (Leighton) Oulton, Alice (MacDonald) Court, Sherry Redden, William (Bill) White, Jim Appleton.

Row 1 (L-R): Brian McMillan, Jane McMillan, Harry Lamont, Nancy Graham, Shelley Arsenault, Milo Cruikshank, Beth (Settle) McColl, Gaelyne Norris, Shirley (MacInnis) Carras, Jim Carpenter, Cathy Nicoll, Sandra Lean-Leighton, Peg Fraser, Susan Fisher, Donna (Minard) Hartling, Sandy MacIver.

Row 2 (L-R): Janet (Wadlyn) Trites, Steve Graham, Anne Shirley Campbell, Bill Denman, Blair Fearon, Bill Tucker, Steve Ridlington, Jack Rhind, Bill DeGrace, Malcolm Knox, David Capper, Dennis Bedard, Stewart O’Brien, John Trites.

Row 3 (L-R): Al Harris, Dave Betts, Iain Smith, Dale McGraw, Rod MacInnis, Rob Hart, John Boyle, Cam Hartling, Jim Hamilton, Mark Dickie, Arthur Smith.

Reunion 2010

Class of 1975 Reunion 2010

First Row: Marilyn MacDonald, Pinie (Leighton) Oulton, Shelley (Barnes) Arsenault, Janet (Wadlyn) Trites, Harry Lamont, Rita (Hudson) Kean, Anne (Shirley) Campbell

Second Row: Iain D. Smith, Rory Francis, Gaelyne Norris, Steve Ridlington, Cam Hartling, Donna (Minard) Hartling, Shirley (MacInnis) Carras, Stuart MacFarlane

Third Row: John Trites, Mark Dickie, Rob Hart, George Inman, John Boyle, Barbie Smith, Ed Betts

Class officers

President -
Barbara Smith
Vice-President -
Jamie Storey
Secretary-Treasurer -
Steven Ridlington
Janitor -
Jim Appleton
Valedictorian -
Shauna MacKenzie

Class yell

Hip, hip, hey, hey
'75 is here to say!
Hip, hip, hey, hey
We’re the best class here today
Hip, hip, hey, hey
Shout it out without delay,
Loyal and strong, come what may,
Hip, hip, hey, hey!!!!

Class of 1975 Meighen Centre Fund

The Class of 1975 continues to support its fund for students with disabilities. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students realize their dream of a University education.

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