Attendees - Reunion 2017

These are the classmates who have already registered:

Baxter , Bruce '77
Berry, Paul '77
Chase (Sollows), Christine '77 & Gary Chase '73
Clark, Deborah '77
Connely, John '77
Croft (Ferguson), Kathleen '77 
Dickson, Jim '77 & Sara Jane Snook '77
Frauley (Swift), Pam '77
Gallant, Johanne '77
Glenen (Porter), Debbie '76/'77
Goreham, Richard '77
Grieves (Mason), Clare '77
Hazell (Oades), Susan '77
Jensen (Knowlton), Brenda '77 & Arne Jensen
Jollymore, Gloria '77 
Kearley (Chafe), Ina '77
Keefe (Bent), Janette '77
Kurbel (Mason), Nancy '77 
MacKay, Gary '77 & Mary-Alice Spurr-MacKay
McPartland (Courage), Christine '77
Muirhead, John '77
Ogden (McLaughlin), Peggy '77
Peach, Margaret '77 & Peter Lister
Peters (Gates), Beth '77 
Pos, David '77
Siddall (Hubbard), Kathy '77
Stratton, Kathryn '77
Tucker, Gary '77 & Nancy (Rice) Tucker '76

Reunion 2017

Mount Allison Reunion 2017

Class of '77 All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Thornton House
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with your choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeils (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast*
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • COST: $245 (with lobster dinner)/ $225 (with ham dinner)

*Saturday lunch is not included in the All-Inclusive Package – the Class of '77 will be gathering at the Marshlands Inn at this time.

    » The Class of '77 All-Inclusive package is now SOLD OUT
    » You can still register for meals, events, and accommodations using Registration Option 2: Customize your weekend


    Class letter

    TO:  All Members of the Class of ’77 (“The last of the swamp rats”)

    RE: OUR 40-YEAR REUNION - MAY 12-14, 2017

    I always look forward to our Reunions, and this is a big one. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate our time at Mount A. Forget about the number of years that have passed. Remember the good times, the clothes, the hair, the music, and the great people that you met at Mount Allison during the 1970s. There are so many stories that need to be retold in our Class of ’77 lounge, and beyond.

    Now is a great time to contact old friends. What better time and place could you pick to reminisce? Mark your calendar now and get ready for an awesome trip back to a youthful time.

    Although the Reunion schedule is already packed with activities, our executive has been communicating about some special events that we plan to include, such as a special brunch at The Marshlands, and a guided walk to “the swamp,” which, as you know from our class song, we were “the last of the breed to go through.”

    There is also a significant Music Reunion taking place on the same weekend. The Music department will be celebrating 50 years since the opening of the Conservatory, and 100 years since the first Bachelor of Music Degree. According to a recent post, the Barra MacNeil’s will play a concert, and Lydia Adams (conductor, Elmer Iseler Singers) will direct an alumni choir.

    Registration begins in early January. To keep up-to-date on all the activities, visit the Reunion Weekend website.

    You can also join us on social media: Class of ’77 Facebook page and the Mount A Music Reunion Facebook page.

    I speak for the full Class of ’77 executive when I say, we look forward to seeing you in May!


    Dave Pos, President –
    Susan (Oades) Hazell, Vice President –
    Peggy McLaughlin-Ogden, Secretary –
    John Connely, Janitor –
    Jo Ann (Roberts) Kelly, Valedictorian –

    Reunion 2012

    Class of 1977 Reunion 2012

    Back row: John Muirhead, John Pearson, Chuck Madott, Pierre Ackad
    Front row: Phil Walling, Susie Quackenbush, Richard Goreham

    Class of 1977 Reunion 2012 2

    Back row: John Connely, Jo Ann Roberts, Don Murray, Ina (Chafe) Kearley, Christine (Courage) McPartland, Paul Berry, Charles Madott, John Muirhead

    Front row: David Pos, Kathryn Stratton, Beth (Gates) Peters, Janet (Reid) Gaskin, Gloria Jollymore, John Pearson

    Class of 1977 song

    To the tune of Roll Out The Barrel:

    We are the swamp rats.
    The last of the breed to go through.
    We are the swamp rats.
    We’re streakers and all things turned blue.
    We are the swamp rats. Open rooms, co-eds and brew.
    We’re the Class of '77. Our regards to you!

    Reunion 2007

    Class of 1977 Reunion 2007

    Left to Right, Front Row: Jim Murphy, Cathy Murphy, Carol (McLennan) Farrell, Gloria Jollymore, David Pos, Bruce Barritt, Ina (Chafe) Kearley

    Second Row: Kathy Stratton, Kathy (McMillan) Mills, Rebecca Brown, Bruce Baxter, Stan Dunfield, Johanne Gallant, Catherine MacLean, Richard Goreham, John Connely, Paul Berry

    Hunton Reunion 2004

    Class of 1977 Huntion Reunion 2004

    Chuck Madott

    Class officers

    President -
    David Pos
    Vice-President -
    Susan (Oades) Hazell
    Secretary/Treasurer -
    Peggy McLaughlin-Ogden
    Janitor -
    John Connely
    Valedictorian -
    Jo Ann (Roberts) Kelly