Attendees - Reunion 2017

These are the classmates who have already registered:

Chapman, Steve '82 & Carol (Wilbur) Chapman '81
Chisholm (Bork), Rosanne '82
Dickie (Smith), Mary Jean '82 & Jim Dickie '83
Dobson, Anne '82 
Gauthier (Cater), Beverley '82
Gallant, Therese '82 
Hicks (Karry), Carol '82
LeBlanc (Burns), Gail '82
MacAulay, Peter '82 & Cynthia MacAulay 
MacDonald (Mansfield), Margaret '82
MacDonald, Martha '82
Mann, Luanne '82 
McCauley, Thomas '82
Paquet (Donaldson), Christie '82
Salterio, Steven '82 & Leslie Benecki
Sandall, Sharon '82
Sloan (Poole), Debbie '82
Wishart, Linda '82

Reunion 2017

Mount Allison Reunion 2017

Class of '82 All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Bigelow House
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with your choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeils (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • COST: $235 (with lobster dinner)/ $215 (with ham dinner)

» The Class of '82 All-Inclusive package is now SOLD OUT
» You can still register for meals, events, and accommodations using Registration Option 2: Customize your weekend


Class letter

Class of 1982 - 35th Class Reunion

The class of ’82 invites all its members to gather in Sackville, NB on May 12-14, 2017 to celebrate our 35th anniversary. For those of you far away, Sackville has changed a little or a lot, depending on your point of view. Mel’s is still the tearoom, and the chapel steeple still looks like it could use a chair on the top of it! However, there are a lot of new things to see! Trueman House is now the McCain Student Centre, the football field is now a real stadium with artificial turf and stands with seats, and the final keeping of what was a new promise when we were students — the Motyer-Fancy Theatre in the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts.

The executive of the Class of ’81 put it much more poetically than we could:

“On this, our 35th anniversary of graduation from Mount A, we hope that you will take the time to come back. Another truism which marks the passage of time, sadly, is that we have too many regrets, too much wishing we had done, gone, said – whatever it is, we might lose the chance to do. So please, if you can, mark the weekend in your calendar, and journey back to Mount A —  and maybe just for a bit, back in time. If you have been back for past reunions, we guarantee one thing; as Woody Allen says, “80% of having fun is about showing up.” We’re looking forward to seeing you.”  
We have reserved a lounge for our very own Class of 1982 gathering for the Friday night —  a classic “smoker” without the smoke in this day and age (BYOB). The big event on Friday night is the East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeil’s at Jennings — newly renovated, yet again! A class meeting on Saturday morning (late in the morning), class picture, lunch, and dinner round out the day!

We ask you to bring any memorabilia that you may have. Wear your Windsor Wonder shirt, drink from your Winter Carnival beer glass, bring a cd of vintage music, which we will play in accompaniment to the caps games (if you happen to have a vintage collection of caps, you could bring those too!) Bring some of your favourite photos from 1978-1982 and we will post them, then collectively decide who has changed the most and the least in 35 years (that could be an ouch!)

If you haven’t already done so, please mark May 12-14, 2017 on your calendar and plan to join your classmates back at Mount Allison. Learn more about the reunion here: Book your airline tickets, get ready for a short or a long drive, but do not miss this weekend! Make the time to have a great time! When are you ever going to get the chance to celebrate being 35 again?

On behalf of your organizing committee,

Steve Salterio, Treasurer (chair)
Kathy Paunins, Secretary
Gita Anand, Valedictorian
Carol Karry-Hicks,
Ellen (Harvie) Warren,
Sharon Sandall,

Reunion 2012

Class of 1982 Reunion 2012

First row: Carol Hicks (Karry), Gita Anand, Gary Holland, Rick Underwood, Linda Wishart

Second row: Sharon Sandall, Janice Milton, Tom McCauley, Andrew Oestreich, John Matthews

Reunion 2007

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007

First row: Linda Wishart, Carol Karry, Cathy Manuel, Martha MacDonald, Colleen Hunt, Nancy Latimer, Brenda Muir

Second row: Wayne Wolfe, Steve Chapman, Tom McCauley, Christie (Donaldson) Paquet, Heather Cameron, Debbie (Poole) Sloan, Steve Salterio, Sharon Sandall, Ellen Harvie, Mary Secord, Anne Dobson

More photos from Reunion Weekend 2007:

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007 1

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007 2

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007 3

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007 4

Class of 1982 Reunion 2007 5

Class officers

Vice-President -
Greg Stewart
Treasurer -
Steven Salterio
Secretary -
Katherine McConnell-Paunins
Janitor -
Anne (Chalmers) McEwen
Valedictorian -
Gitanjali Anand

Class of 1982 Bursary

The Class of 1982 continues to support a bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students with financial need realize their dream of a University education.

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