There are eight subcommittees to help give action to the goals of the Alumni Board.

All members of the Alumni Board of Directors take part in at least one subcommittee based on their particular interests, skills set, and personal development goals. With the help of alumni members-at-large, administrative staff, and current Mount Allison students, each subcommittee has a specific mandate:

Archival Committee

The Archival Committee will identify, explore, and recommend a range of projects and resources (i.e. databases, virtual exhibits) that will highlight the holdings of the Mount Allison University Archives and support the aims and objectives of the Mount Allison University Federated Alumni.

Members: Anna Abbott '04 (chair), Christy DeMont '80, Murray Baillie, John Brennan

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is tasked with selecting the winners of the three alumni awards presented annually during Reunion Weekend: the Contemporary Achievement Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Charles Frederick Allison Award.

Members: Sean Connors '81 (chair), Jenny Henderson '03, Janet Harrison '87

Communications Advisory Committee

The general mandate of the Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) is to advise the University's Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Marketing & Communications on communications matters that will help alumni stay connected with each other and the University, and keep alumni informed about issues and university activities of interest to them.

Members: Mike Taylor '03 (chair), Cheryl Bell '83, Alicia Johnston '01, Christine Manore '90, Rob Hiscock (Marketing & Communications Director), Nadine LeBlanc (Web Communications Officer)

Reunion & Homecoming Committee

The goal of this committee is to assist Alumni Relations in the planning of reunions, paying particular attention to aspects of reunion and homecoming that need to be updated.

Members: Meg Pryde '74 (chair), Janet Harrison '87, Charlie Scott '83, Christy DeMont '80, Joy Wilbur (Alumni Services Coordinator)

Nominating Committee

The mandate of this committee is to propose nominations to fill vacancies on the Alumni Board and its representation on other committees, taking into consideration geography, faculty, class, and overall diversity in making these recommendations.

Members: Sean Connors '81 (chair), Owen Barnhill '96, Janet Harrison '87, Meg Pryde '74, Rick Grant '84, Christina Vroom '96, Anna Abbott '04

Recruitment Committee

The general mandate of the Recruitment Committee is to work with Student Life to find ways in which alumni can strategically become involved in the recruitment of prospective students.

Members: Owen Barnhill '96 (chair), Mike Taylor '03, Scott Yorke '08, John Phillips ('85, '86)

Volunteer Committee

This temporary committee will advise on the implementation of the Volunteer Moves Management Program, and provide recommendations and feedback to the Alumni Board.

Members: Jennie Henderson '03, Charlie Scott '83, Christina Vroom '96, Rick Grant '84, Mona Estabrooks '79 (Assistant Alumni Director)

Young Alumni Committee

The goal of this committee is to explore ways to build links between young alumni (graduates of the past 10-15 years) and the University. The committee will also seek ways to help foster connections between current students and the alumni committee.

Members: Scott Yorke '08 (chair), John Phillips ('85, '86), Christina Vroom '96

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email