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 2017-18 Classics Society Exec


 2017-2018 Classics Society Executive (Clockwise from bottom left)
Krista Nix, President (
Céline Brun, Treasurer (
Katrina Johnston, Secretary (
Maya Mutter, Social Media Coordinator (
Jess Thompson Spence, Vice President (
Janan Assaly, Senior Member at Large (


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Latin & Ancient Greek Study Groups
Monthly Movie Nights (September 21, October 19, November 23, TBA)
Game Nights (October 5, TBA)
Archaeology Day 2017 (October 21)


LATI1001 and GREK1001 Flashcards—Download “Tinycards” on App Store and search “Mount Allison”!
Crake Reading Room catalogue — Coming soon


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