Atlantic Classical Association presents Dr. Lisa Hughes
Thursday, September 28.
4:30pm Avard-Dixon Room 111

Planting a Roman In-House Theatre Garden

Recent attention has been brought to the symbolic functions of plants
found in monumental Roman theatres, namely triumph.  This talk takes you
to the ancient city of Pompeii to explore another avenue of the symbolic
function of plants, theatrical performance. In particular, I focus on
plantings in Pompeian domestic contexts that relate to Dionysus, god of
wine, theatre, and fertility. Typically, plantings associated with this
deity have been linked to ritual or sacrificial contexts such as the
temple. It has been noted, however, that there is no direct evidence for
this theory. In contrast, I will demonstrate that the plantings do have
ritual and sacrificial connotations especially if we view them as props
for in-house performances in Roman domestic spaces.
Dr. Lisa Hughes is Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Calgary.