Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
Written by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Decima Mitchell

"Ninety-two coins spun consecutively have come down heads ninety-two consecutive times . . . and for the last three minutes on the wind of a windless day I have heard the sound of drums and flute . . ."

8pm October 25th-28th
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors 

Fanny Hensel Mendelssohn
Created by Jena McLean, directed by Glen Nichols
8pm November 17th
Music Conservatory Building

The Harold: longform improv show
Directed by Erik Garf

“Improv is the spice of life. Using flavours of the Harold format, 1/2 a baker’s dozen of actors will cook up a theatrical recipe for Canadian university communities using one ingredient: the audience.”


In This World

Written by Hannah Moscovitch

Directed by Justin Green

"High school girls Bijou and Neyssa explore their differences while trying to figure out what issue caused the fight that landed them in detention."

8pm November 22nd-25th
$5General; $3 Students/Seniors

Created by Tintamarre
Directed by Alex Fancy
8pm January 31st-February 3rd
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors

Really Really!
Written by Paul Downs Colaizzo
Directed by Samantha Wilson
8pm March 7th-10th
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors

[ice land]
Written by Jonathan Seinen
Directed by Jena McLean

8pm March 21st-24th
$5 General; $3 Students/Seniors