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Faculty Updates for 2015 - 2016
The English Department welcomes: Geordie Miller, who will be teaching Contemporary Literary Theory I and Creative Writing in the Fall 2015 term, and Contemporary Literary Theory II and Creative Writing in the Winter 2016 term and Brad Simkulet, rejoining us this year to teach Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis and Introduction to Prose Fiction.

Prize Winners for 2014 - 2015

Norman Nehmetallah - Allison Watson Beveridge Prize in (English Grad with highest achievement)
Miriam Farhloul - Jennie Robinson Quinn Prize (Female with highest standing)
Milo Hicks - Bryce McKiel Scholarship 3rd Year going into 4th, Major/Honours
Emily Crompton - Graham Atlantic Prize in Creative Writing
Brigitte DesRoches - Roger Calkins Prize in Shakespeare Studies
Daniel Marcotte- Grace Tomkinson Memorial Prize in English (highest achievement in third-year English)
Mitchell Gunn - Edwin Ernest Graham Memorial Prize (highest standing in second-year English)
Kevin Levangie - Carrie MacMillan Prize in Canadian Literature