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Mount Allison Library - English Literature Web Resources and Subject Guide
This page lists the major journal indexes and databases for literary research, links to citation guides and major reference sources, and lists many
useful sites on the web.

Preparing a  Search Strategy: English Literature
This brief guide is intended to help you begin to prepare an effective search strategy for researching a literary topic.

Mount Allison Library - Browse by Subject Page of Journal Indexes and Electronic Databases

Here students will find an annotated listing of the major journal indexes and databases for literary research.

Mount Allison Library - Research and Citation Guides

These are non-subject-specific resources such as writing guides, guides to searching the Library Catalogue and Internet, etc...

Voice of the Shuttle -
Anglo-Saxon & Medieval, Renaissance & 17th Century, Restoration & 18th Century, Romantics, Victorian, American Literature, Minority Literature, Creative
Writing etc...