Japanese Speech Contests are an annual series of events sponsored by the Japan Foundation and organized by universities across Canada.  Students studying Japanese at universities are eligible to participate. Contests usually take place in March/April each year.

Regional Contests

There are currently seven regional contests including the Atlantic Canada Japanese Speech Contest (ACJSC) in which four universities — St. Mary’s, UNB, St. Thomas and Mount Allison — participate. 

The 19th Atlantic Canada Japanese Speech Contest (ACJSC) was held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at Mount Allison University.

The following students from Mount Allison were awarded prizes. The 1st prize winners, Sally Wong and Kim Pan, were invited to the National Contest.

Speech contest program coverBEGINNERS CATEGORY

  • Tingting Lin  2nd prize
  • Megan Fournier Effort Award


  • Sally Wong  1st prize
  • Kale Munro  3rd prize
  • Hanna Garnier Effort Award


  • Kim Pan  1st prize
  • Annabel Baker-Sulllivan 2nd prize

ACJSC 2017

A collection of all MtA students' speeches are available here:

The 20th ACJSC  will be hosted by St. Mary's University in March 2018.

National Contest

The regional winners of the first prizes are invited to compete in the Canada National Japanese Speech Contest (NJSC).  The NSJC 2017 was held at the University of British Columbia on March 18, 2017.