What is the Biology Society?
We are a student-run exec representing the Biology community at Mount Allison University! During the school year, we run stress relieving events such as barbecues, a department mixer, off-campus socials, biology appreciation week (including clothing sales), an honours party and a biology formal.

We can also help you out academically as we offer midterm tutorials for requested courses, exam prep sessions for 1st and 2nd year courses and help finding tutors.

How can you get involved?
The best part is ... you don't have to be a Biology student to participate! We welcome all fellow Mounties to attend our events!
By paying a $10.00 registration fee in the fall, Biology Society members can get access to all of our events at a discounted price!
Be on the lookout for our annual Facebook page and sign up to be on our email list (bioscience@mta.ca) to get information of upcoming events.

Who is on the committee?
Grace McAvinue Tierza Petersen



 Grace McAvinue & Tierza Petersen - Co-presidents




Cat Bannon Alix Power



 Cat Bannon & Alix Power - Co-social chairs




Meredith Tingley



 Meredith Tingley - Treasurer



Ashley McKibbon



 Ashley McKibbon - VP Academics




Madison Fairweather


 Madison Fairweather - VP External



 Courtney Demond(1)



 Courtney Demond - VP Communications



Calendar of events - Coming soon!

We look forward to meeting you this fall! Please feel free to contact us at bioscience@mta.ca or follow us on twitter! @BioscienceMTA