Please see the schedule below for Honours Student Presentations and Guest Seminars (Winter 2018). Seminars and presentations will be held Fridays at 11:30am. All are welcome!

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Presentation and seminar series: Winter 2018         


19 Jan.     W. Li - “Responses of typical marine diatoms to ocean acidification under multiple drivers, Flemington room 103


24 Jan.        I. Benner - Marine Plankton Ecology, Library Theater, room 316

7 Feb.         H. Gurney-Smith - Shellfish Genomics and stress response - Library Theater, room 316


9 Feb.                   L. Lacomte - Trophic interactions, climate changes and arctic food webs - Flemington room 103


16 Feb.       M.Sc candidates: C. B. Zinck and C. Gilroy, Flemington room 103

                   "Borrelia Infection and Prevalence in New Brunswick Wildlife"

                   "Sperm kinematics of wild and captive shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum)"


19-23 Feb.           Spring Break


28 Feb.       J. Rohde - "Bacterial virulence mechanisms", Library Theater, room 316


2 Mar.        H. Haque, "Cellular interactions of Borrelia in Humans and Dogs", Flemington room                          103


9 Mar          J. Beaton, “Sex in the Lymelight - the sexual transmission of Lyme disease”,  Flemington room 103


16 Mar.      B. Speers-Roesch - "Mechanisms and significance of winter dormancy in fishes"

                   Flemington room 103


23 Mar       A. Foley-Eby and A. Kirby, Flemington room 103

                   "Using dogs as indicators of human Lyme-risk on PEI" and,

                  "Ticks in the Maritimes", respectively

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