Please see the schedule below for Honours Student Presentations and Guest Seminars (Fall 2017). Seminars and presentations will be held in Flemington Auditorium (room 103), Fridays at 11:30am. All are welcome!

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Presentation and seminar series: Fall 2017           

15 Sept.
T. Clair, "Interactions between reactive nitrogen and the Canadian landscape: a budget approach"

22 Sept .
J.Martin, "Harmful Algal Bloom Research in the Bay of Fundy"

29 Sept.
M. MacGillivary, "Sun safety in the Maritimes. Assessment of Canadian UV exposure guidelines: A Nova Scotia perspective."After talk meeting with students interested in medical school programs.

Litvak lab 4 Oct.
W. Burt, "Studying the Marine Carbon Cycle from Sediments to Space"

13 Oct.
N. McGinty, "How do species traits shape where they live? Trait structuring of copepod niches in our oceans"

20 Oct.
L. Porier, "Exploring the expansion, impact and a control option for green crab populations in Prince Edward Island"

27 Oct.
M. Gray, "Current Research at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site"

20 Nov.
Md. Hasibul Haque, M.Sc candidate

24 Nov.
C. Gilroy, "Comparing wild and hatchery shortnose sturgeon milt: sperm kinematics, morphology and seminal plasma characteristics"

1 Dec.
M.A. Giroux, "Tropic interaction in connected ecosystems, with a focus on mammal and bird species in northern environments"

Hamilton lab