Faculty and Research Interests
Dr. Zoe V. Finkel
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Environmental Ecology
Climate change, biological oceanography, marine macroecology and macroevolution, biogeochemistry, and phytoplankton eco-physiology.
Tel. 364-2615    zfinkel@mta.ca

Dr. Michael Fox
Transportation issues, geographic education, innovation and diffusion of technology in schools, and community-based planning issues.
Tel. 364-2440    mfox@mta.ca 

Dr. Leslie Kern
Assistant Professor
Urban geography and feminist geography, urban political economy and urban restructuring, global cities, gentrification, gender and cities, embodied geographies, environmental justice.
Tel. 364-2644    lkern@mta.ca

Dr. Joshua Kurek
Assistant Professor
Aquatic ecosystems, global environmental change, paleolimnology, climatology, oilsands development.
Tel. 364-2390 jkurek@mta.ca

Dr. David J. Lieske

Associate Professor
GIS, environmental visualization, species distribution modeling, and simulation modeling.

Dr. Jeff Ollerhead

Acting Provost and Vice-President, Academic & Research/Professor/Director, Coastal Wetlands Institute

Coastal evolution (marshes, mudflats, and sandy barrier systems) and salt marsh restoration.
Tel. 364-2302  jollerhead@mta.ca
Dr. Tim Reiffenstein
Associate Professor/Department Head/Geography Coordinator/Environmental Science Coordinator/Coordinator of Kwansei Gakuin (KGU) University Exchange
Economic geography, geographies of intellectual property circulation and regulation, Japan, forest industries.
Tel. 364-2412        treiffen@mta.ca 


Dr. Brad Walters
Professor/Coordinator of Environmental Studies
Human influences on tropical forests, mangroves and temperate coastal wetlands, interactions between traditional fisheries and salmon aquaculture development in the Bay of Fundy, and research methods in human ecology.
Tel. 364-2323        bwalters@mta.ca


Professors Emeriti 

Dr. Peter Ennals
Professor Emeritus
Historical geography, cultural geography, area studies (Japan)

Dr. David Mossman
Professor Emeritus
Geology, mineralogy and geochemistry as related to fundamental geological process 


Alison L. Estabrooks
Tel. 364-2326   aestabrooks@mta.ca   

Darlene M. Estabrooks
Office Supervisor
Tel. 364-2204  dmestabrooks@mta.ca    

Rebecca Leaman
Career Services Coordinator    
Tel. 364-2226   rleaman@mta.ca

Ben Phillips
Technician/Lab instructor
Tel. 364-2642

Raine Phythian
Faculty of Social Sciences Coordinator
Tel. 364-3223  rphythia@mta.ca
Christina Tardif
Social Sciences Research Technician
Tel. 364-2168  ctardif@mta.ca

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