Hey everybody!  Here at Mount Allison, the Geography and Environment Society consists of and represents the students enrolled in the Environmental Studies, Geography, and Environmental Science programs, as well as anybody who is just downright into nature.  Mainly, our society provides a fantastic way for students to meet other individuals in the department, outside of class, via our awesome social gatherings.  Just a few of the things that we typically get-together for include:  a trivia night at the Pub, nature hikes around the Hopewell Rocks (and elsewhere), curling parties, and our signature Wine and Cheese Soiree (Best. Night.  Ever!).  Not only do we bond with each other during these great times, but we also connect with our incredible professors, who actually hang out with us!  On the more academic side of things, the society also organizes help sessions for the Geography exams at the end of each semester, as well as provides an easy way to sell your old textbooks to your fellow members.

Hope everyone has fun, and an awesome year!

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the G&E Exec are:
Martin Omes - President (momes@mta.ca)

Zoe Walker - VP Academic (ewalker@mta.ca)

Michelle Brake - Secretary-Treasurer (mbrake@mta.ca)

Zoe Armstrong & Lauren Perrin - Social Chairs (zarmstrong@mta.ca &