The Geography and Environment Department offers three degree programs: a B.A. in Geography, a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and a B.Sc. in Environmental Science.

Nigel doing research in geographyThe geography B.A. program leads to the completion of a Minor, Major, or Honours. It is about the study of place and involves understanding the processes that have acted together to shape the complex "place" structures that exist in our world and on our landscape. Such study requires an understanding of the principles of ecological and physical systems; of the cultural, social, economic and political forces acting on those systems; and of the management, planning or scientific tools necessary to meet environmental challenges and opportunities.

The environmental studies B.A. program is designed for students interested in the human dimensions of environmental change and problem-solving, including environmental behaviour, management, planning, and policy. It operates as an inter-disciplinary, cross-departmental degree program and leads to the completion of a Minor, Major, or Honours. Studies in this stream address such topics as environmental policy and economics, natural resource management, and environmental ethics.

The environmental science B.Sc. program is an interdisciplinary, science-intensive program, requiring comprehensive study of the sciences and mathematics leading to a Major or Honours. Courses in this program provide the strong but diverse scientific foundation required to understand environmental issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. In consultation with the co-ordinator, students will complement their program with an in-depth concentration of courses to provide them with a scientific specialty.