Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Tomes, Psychology
"A teacher's teacher"
2017 Recipient of the Herbert and Leota Tucker Teaching Award

In 2013, the University named its 30th Tucker Teaching Award recipient. As we celebrate the fourth decade of this award, we recognize its enduring legacy and acknowledge the support of the Tucker family.
More information and 2017 nomination guidelines 

Look back at Tucker Award Past Winners.

J.E.A. Crake Teaching Awards (2004-2015)
From 2004 until 2015, the Crake Foundation generously supported teaching awards in the three Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences and Science.

J.E.A Crake Teaching Development Award (NEW)
In 2016, the Crake Foundation initiated a new award to build community and encourage collegial discussion around teaching and learning. The Crake Teaching Development Award provides funds to instructors and librarians to support their attendance at Teaching and Learning conferences. Complete details, application forms, and deadlines are available on the Provost's website.

Regional and National Teaching Awards:

Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU): Distinguished Teaching Awards. Seven Mount Allison Professors have won this prestigious award. 

  • Colin Laroque 
  • Rosemary Polegato 
  • Elizabeth Wells 
  • Erin Steuter
  • Robert Lapp 
  • Robert Summerby-Murray 
  • Alex Fancy 

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: 3M National Teaching Fellowships. Mount Allison University is proud to have seven 3M Teaching Fellows, one of the best records in the Maritime provinces!! 

  • Rosemary Polegato, Commerce 
  • Colin Laroque, Geography and Environment 
  • Elizabeth Wells, Music 
  • Robert Lapp, English Literature 
  • Robert Summerby-Murray, Geography and Environment 
  • Alex Fancy, Modern Languages and Drama 
  • Robert Hawkes, Physics and Astronomy