Avoid the line-ups—have your textbooks waiting in your residence room through our Books on Beds program.


It is simple and easy to use:

1)  Order your books online (http://bookstore.mta.ca/selecttermdept.aspx)— If the texts for your course aren’t listed yet, select your course, choose the “add all required texts” option, and your order will be automatically updated when the texts are chosen.  Textbooks will be added to the website as soon as we receive the adoption from the Faculty.

2) Select “Books on Beds” as your shipping option — Make sure to include your name, room number and residence.

3) The website is open for Books on Beds for about one month before the beginning of each term — Your books will be delivered to your locked residence room before you arrive—all you need to do is put them on your shelf!

For every order placed online for fall orders we will add a $1.00 donation to Shinerama.  If you do not wish to make this donation just let us know in the notes part of your order.

Fall 2017 Books on Beds program:
Website open: July 24 - August 27
Delivery to Residence: August 30
Available for in-store pick up: September 1-11

Orders not picked up by Friday, September 11, will be re-shelved. 

Winter 2016 Books on Beds program:
Information will be updated October 2017

Check out our facebook for the most up to date information.