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You can make a difference in our future

Dakota Scott-Digout   Brooke Turner   Tristan Grant

Every gift adds up to an enriching experience for all Mount Allison students

Dakota, Brooke, and Tristan are just three Mount Allison students who have experienced the impact of philanthropy at Mount A. Your giving supports the immersive learning community that makes their Mount Allison experience distinctive — among the best in North America.

Last year Mount Allison launched the Greatest Needs Fund, providing an opportunity for your gift to be used to support the areas of greatest and most immediate need. These gifts are vital to the University as they provide flexibility to meet emerging priorities and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

By giving a gift to the Annual Giving Fund, you make a meaningful difference in the lives of students like Dakota, Brooke, and Tristan. You make possible the lively, engaging, and welcoming community that is uniquely Mount Allison.

You can make a gift by donating online or by calling (866) 890-6318 or (506) 364-2343