Access. Whether it is the array of disciplines from philosophy to accounting to physics, the financial means to an education, or the availability of programs, support, and facilities, students who come to Mount Allison have access to the cornucopia of opportunities that make up the Mount Allison experience. 

Gloria Jollymore Univeristy Advancement Students may learn life’s lessons on Alumni Field or during a summer research experience supported by the R. Thomas M. Allan Summer Research Fund. They may come here with the benefit of the Glooscap (Kluskap) First Nations Bursary or the Mervyn Arthur Upham (’39) Scholarship. Their time here may be the launch pad for lifelong careers, like Bob and Margaret Nelson, or for lifelong friendships.

All of these experiences help Mount Allison students become citizens of the world equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Those who give to Mount Allison, like you have, give students the gift of access. You make it possible for them to attend Mount A through scholarships and bursaries. You fund the facilities where they study, live, play, and learn. You provide opportunities for them to take what they have learned in the classroom and test it in the world.

In short, you give them access to rich, productive, varied lives. Lives in which they will make contributions in their families, their careers, and their communities. Contributions that will find solutions, advance causes, address needs, and resolve issues.

At Mount Allison, we are proud of the access students have to national award-winning faculty; to researchers working on problems from climate change to aging; to programs that promote wellness, offer mobility, open new worlds; to facilities that house their work and their play. We could not do it without your support and for this we offer our greatest appreciation.

With heartfelt thanks,


Gloria D. Jollymore (’77)
Vice-President, University Advancement
Mount Allison University