Mount Allison's Campus Master Plan was developed in 2002 and is currently undergoing an update.

The University is working with a consultant whose expertise is in campus planning to develop the update.

The consultant is gathering information about classroom and laboratory utilization, building condition, and space requirements for a selection of academic buildings.

It delivered an update to the Facilities Plan Advisory Committee (FPAC) in January 2016.

Further research and community consultation is taking place and a preliminary report is expected in April 2016.

Highlights of the consultant’s update

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Some of the main challenges the Campus Master Plan update will need to address are:

  • Mount Allison campusAccessibility in campus buildings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Providing space that meets the needs of users
  • More space on campus currently than is being used

The update to the Campus Master Plan will examine, in particular, the academic buildings in the central campus area including:

  • R.P. Bell Library
  • Crabtree Building
  • Avard-Dixon Building
  • Hart Hall
  • Barclay Building
  • Flemington Building
  • Gairdner Building
  • Dunn Building

The Facilities Plan Advisory Committee (FPAC) will be:

  • reviewing and assessing the current use of space in these buildings
  • examining the space requirements of the departments currently located in them
  • looking at how to provide the University community with student study and general use space on campus