May 2017

The water in the following buildings was tested for lead on May 17, 2017:

  • Dunn Building
  • Edwards House
  • Facilities Management Building
  • Fawcett Building
  • Flemington Building

Full results of the testing by building

The testing was conducted by a specialized firm experienced in water testing and the samples were analyzed by a certified laboratory.

The testing protocol used was recommended by the New Brunswick Department of Health and involved taking a sample from the cold water tap as soon as the tap was opened (first draw). These samples were sent to the lab for analysis. 

For all the locations where lead levels were found to be above the guideline on first draw, a second sample was taken after the water was run for 30 seconds (second draw).

Drinking water should have no more than 10 micrograms per litre (ug/L) of lead, as measured on the second draw after a 30 second flush.

Of the 101 locations tested:

  • 89 locations tested below lead levels of 10 ug/L on the first draw
  • 12 locations were retested with a second draw
  • 0 locations had a result above the 10 ug/L guideline on second draw

Previous water testing results