MtALive is a video platform that enables live-streaming and archiving of video.

It provides the opportunity to capture and share video of different events happening on campus at

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What is MtALive?
MTALive is a way to capture authentic video of events or activities happening on campus. It provides immediacy through its ability to stream directly to the web, but also archives or saves the video for viewing at any time. We can promote the live stream and the archived video and encourage sharing through social channels.

Does this replace video production?
No, there is still a place for video content that is scripted and edited in a more formal manner.  Sometimes, we produce such videos in house with equipment we have. At other times, we engage professionals working in this field. These are stored and promoted on our YouTube channel.

Does this replace Mount Allison’s YouTube channel?
No. We will continue to use our YouTube channel to post and promote ‘produced’ videos.

For more information, or to share comments or questions, please contact Robert Hiscock, director of communications, at