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Professor, English & Canadian Studies; Director, Centre for Canadian Studies

Christl Verduyn

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Christl Verduyn (Ph.D., FRSC) is cross-appointed to the Department of English and the Canadian Studies Program. She teaches and publishes on Canadian literature and Canadian studies. The Davidson Chair in Canadian Studies for 2010-2015, Christl Verduyn is also Director of Mount Allison’s Centre of Canadian Studies for the same period.

Before joining the faculty at Mount Allison, Christl Verduyn taught at Wilfrid Laurier University (2000-2006), where she was Director of Canadian Studies; at Trent University (1980-2000), where she was founding Chair of Women’s Studies (1987-90) and Chair of Canadian Studies (1993-99); and at Queen’s University (1979-80), following the completion of her Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa (1976-79).


B.A. (Trent University)
M.A. (University of Ottawa)
Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)


Christl Verduyn has taught a wide variety of courses in Canadian and Québécois literatures, Canadian Studies, and Women's Studies, from feminist, postmodern, and post-colonial writing and theories, to "ethnic or racial minority or multicultural" writing, and special topic courses on selected authors and issues.

At Mount Allison, Professor Verduyn teaches both in the Department of English and in the Canadian Studies Program. Her courses in Canadian literature include prose, poetry, and drama, from early to contemporary practices, with Special Topic courses on Canadian and Québécois women's writing and "multicultural" or "minority" writing. In Canadian Studies, Professor Verduyn teaches Introduction to Canadian culture, Women in Canada, and special topic courses in the fourth year seminar. Professor Verduyn is recipient of the Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching (1996) and Mount Allison University's Paul Paré Award for excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, service, and outreach (2012).

Research interests

Christl Verduyn's research interests include Canadian and Québécois literatures; women's writing and criticism; multiculturalism and minority writing; life writing and archival approaches to literature; and the interdisciplinary field of Canadian studies. She has published books, special issues of journals, articles (See Publications), and reviews in these areas, and has been an active participant in and organizer of conferences in them as well. Her research has been generously supported over the years by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada and the Canadian Federation for the Humanities.



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Journals - special guest-edited issues

- “Meeting Places/Lieux de rencontre” Journal of Canadian Studies 49:2 (Spring 2015). With R. Hulan.
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   Presentation, Introduction, author interview, and lead article. In collaboration with L. Saint-Martin.
- "Pulling Together: Canadian Literary Pluralities," Journal of Canadian Studies 31.3 (Fall 1996).
   Editor, Introduction, and contributed article.

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Grants, awards, & honours

1996 Gabrielle Roy Book Prize for Lifelines: Marian Engel's Writings (1995).
1996 Quill & Quire Best Books of 1995 Honourable Mention (non-fiction) for Dear Marian, Dear Hugh: The MacLennan-Engel Correspondence (1995).
1996 Trent University Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching.
2006 Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies.
2006 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada.
2010 Association for Asian American Studies Honorable Mention for Asian Canadian Writing Beyond Autoethnograpy (with E.Ty; 2008).
2011 Carleton University Annual Vickers-Verduyn Lecture in Canadian Studies.
2012 Mount Allison Paul Paré Medal of Excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, service, and outreach.
2014 Herbert and Leota Tucker Teaching Award