The report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in late 2015 represented a watershed moment in Canadian history and a call to action for all Canadians and organizations to collectively acknowledge the historical treatment of our Indigenous populations.

Acceptance of the report’s findings is the first step in the journey of reconciliation.

Universities Canada has prepared a set of Principles of Indigenous Education. These 13 principles offer a comprehensive framework that will guide our actions in a variety of ways:

  • curriculum development
  • opportunities and supports for indigenous students
  • creating learning opportunities for non-Indigenous students and the community at large

To this end Mount Allison identified 2016-17 as our Year of Indigenous Knowing. A wide range of activities will encourage the campus and wider community to explore Indigenous issues relating to their historical and current surroundings through several lenses — societal, cultural, and humanitarian on a local, national, and international scale.

Mount Allison’s pledge is to build on these in future years so that, in a sense, every year can be said to be a ‘year of Indigenous knowing’.