Position profile: President and Vice-Chancellor

The President of Mount Allison University reports to the Board of Regents of the University and works within a collegial environment that respects diverse community interests and voices.

The President is responsible for capturing, developing, and articulating the vision of the university community, and for ensuring academic and administrative policies are in place and implemented to support this overarching vision.

The President is the academic and administrative leader and will manage, motivate and support the faculty, administration, staff, and students of the University. The President will be visible, active and engaged in university affairs and will continue to build the University’s profile regionally, nationally, and internationally. This includes working with our partners in the Maple League and different constituencies on campus.

The President will understand the deep connection between faculty development and Mount Allison’s long-term success, and be willing to ensure continued investments in faculty are made, and are appropriately calibrated so that they align with the University’s common vision and integrated plan.

Finally, the President will continue to foster the development of high-quality academic research by uncovering innovative ways to leverage Mount Allison’s existing academic strengths.

Based on feedback from the Mount Allison community, the key elements of the mandate for the next President and Vice-Chancellor were identified.

The next President and Vice-Chancellor will be expected to:

  • Actively engage with the full Mount Allison community including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external stakeholders in executing the common vision and integrated plan that embraces Mount Allison’s history, that provides students with an immersive educational experience characterized by excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship in liberal education, that enables engaged student experience within a small rural residential university, that maintains and enhances Mount Allison’s reputation nationally and globally and that ensures the continued financial stability and long-term sustainability of the University.
  • Continue to differentiate and enhance Mount Allison’s academic programming, research profile, and student experience to ensure that Mount Allison continues to provide extraordinary undergraduate education.
  • Ensure that the University’s strategic enrolment plans effectively support the University’s sustainability, and the attraction and retention of students who can engage fully in Mount Allison’s academic and student-life programs.
  • Establish, lead, and work with the academic leadership team in ensuring that they promote innovation, responsive program renewal and collegial relationships within the University.
  • Lead, encourage, and support programs and initiatives that invite, embrace and increase the diversity of ideas, cultures, and peoples within the Mount Allison community.
  • Promote and support active engagement and inclusion of First Nations communities and knowledges at Mount Allison.
  • Maintain Mount Allison’s leadership role in shaping and contributing to post-secondary and economic policy in New Brunswick.
  • Participate in activities that influence national post-secondary and research policies and play a leadership role to develop and promote the Maple League’s positioning of undergraduate university education and experience.
  • Develop, promote, and participate in funding initiatives that steward and engage Mount Allison’s community to support Mount Allison’s mission and long-term sustainability.

Ideal candidate profile

The following key elements of the ideal candidate profile for the next President and Vice-Chancellor were identified from feedback from the Mount Allison community.

 Experience and Qualifications 

The next President and Vice-Chancellor should possess:

  • A doctoral or relevant terminal degree.
  • A distinctive record of academic achievement and a demonstrated commitment to teaching, learning, and research.
  • A demonstrated commitment to and deep understanding of the academic mission at Mount Allison.
  • A demonstrated commitment to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community.
  • A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity and to inviting and authentically listening to different cultures, communities, voices, points of view, and perspectives.
  • Successful administrative leadership experience including experience in strategic planning, financial planning and management, external and government relations, and individual and organizational development.
  • Experience working within a complex or bicameral governance structure.
  • Experience in or an appreciation for operating in a unionized environment.
  • Experience in fundraising and alumni relations.
  • Experience in fostering and maintaining positive relationships and partnerships with community, business, government, and other institutions locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • French language capability is considered an asset for leadership in this bilingual province.


Passionate, Committed, and Engaged Educator and Scholar

The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Is articulate and passionate about education at Mount Allison; supports a liberal education that is student-centred, immersive, community-minded, supportive, and collaborative.
  • Understands and demonstrates a commitment to academic quality and innovation in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Maintains an engagement in teaching and scholarly activity that supports their continued participation in the academy while allowing them to effectively fulfill the President and Vice-Chancellor’s role.
  • Understands and respects the role of the University and its purpose in society and is committed to academic freedom and collegial processes.
  • Can effectively communicate the value of the full Mount Allison education and experience.


The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Is student-focused and is able to authentically connect with and engage students.
  • Values and respects active student engagement and fosters a culture within which all student voices are encouraged and heard.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to fostering and supporting student learning, experience, growth, and development.
  • Believes in and is a strong advocate for education that combines teaching, research, athletics and student development in an inclusive, personal and supportive environment.
  • Challenges students to become leaders as local and global citizens.
  • Will be visible and actively participate in student life on campus.

Values Faculty

The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Understands and values the essential role that faculty play in implementing most aspects of the University’s mission.
  • Appreciates and respects the diversity of forms that exceptional research and teaching take across disciplines.
  • Understands that Mount Allison is a place where world-class research and teaching is occurring, and is passionate about exploring new ways to help faculty continue to achieve both of these outcomes.
  • Believes that recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty is crucial to Mount Allison’s long-term success.
  • Is mindful of the challenges that faculty face in teaching and conducting research in a very competitive and changing environment.

Innovative and Creative

The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Is able to think holistically, develop strategic opportunities, assess, articulate and communicate to faculty, staff, students and alumni how decisions are made to advance the academic mission, the student experience, and the overall success of Mount Allison.
  • Is optimistic and inspiring about the possibilities for Mount Allison and can effectively invite and engage others in pursuing these possibilities.
  • Demonstrates an excitement for innovation and creativity in teaching, learning and research.
  • Is open to others’ ideas and to changing their position and is fair, respectful and transparent.
  • Is able to foster and lead within a culture that adapts and changes nimbly.
  • Acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments and success of others.
  • Is courageous and tenacious, yet humble, resilient, thoughtful and reflective.
  • Is able to effectively manage expectations, build consensus and trust through collaboration and communication, but is comfortable standing firm when faced with difficult choices.

Community-Minded and Community-Spirited

The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Believes in the value of community within a university context and fosters and enables a culture of community at Mount Allison.
  • Is accessible, approachable and highly visible.
  • Is a confident, articulate, and compelling communicator.
  • Is a “bridge builder” and collaborator, and encourages open debate and dialogue from all stakeholders and community members.
  • Develops relationships and partnerships that involve alumni, donors, friends, the Town of Sackville and stakeholders within and external to the University and is comfortable and effective in asking for support for the University.
  • Is able to be both part of a university community and its leader.
  • Is excited by the prospect of living in a charming, close-knit town of 5,500 residents, where the University is a major hub of activity for the entire community.
  • Is committed to ensuring that Mount Allison plays a leadership role and contributes to local and provincial community and economic prosperity.

Responsible Administrator

The next President and Vice-Chancellor:

  • Is energetic, action-oriented and able to effectively govern through collegial processes.
  • Leads by example, values openness and accountability and is committed to building trust and collegiality within the University.
  • Is able to live in the past, the present and the future - respecting the University’s history, understanding the University’s current realities, and optimistically anticipating and envisioning the possibilities for the future.
  • Is able to oversee the academic, operational and fiscal management of the University and is comfortable delegating responsibility to the appropriate Vice-President.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to stewarding the University that ensures that all their actions and decisions are aligned with achievement of the University’s mission and goals.
  • Is comfortable working with a Board of Regents and a Senate, contributing to effective bi-cameral governance and optimum performance by all University bodies and committees.
  • Recognizes, values, and respects the unique and important roles that every member of the Mount Allison community plays in fulfilling the University’s mission.
  • Can consider and respond respectfully and appropriately to the views of different groups and constituencies.
  • Is a natural and strong developer of people, capable of building, leading and empowering a high performing senior administrative team, and of working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff.
  • Recognizes the assets and opportunities of Mount Allison and guides them to further the mission of the University.