Teaching Evaluation Form

Mount Allison University recognizes the importance of high quality teaching in the academic success of students, and University Senate requires that all courses be evaluated by students.

Your responses on this evaluation form will help your professor to maintain and develop the quality of the course and the learning environment. In addition, the data provided may be used for institutional decisions such as promotion, tenure, and teaching awards. Therefore, please answer the following questions thoughtfully, honestly, and respectfully.

Rating scale for all questions will be:

Strongly Disagree: 1
Disagree: 2
Moderate: 3
Agree: 4
Strongly Agree: 5
1. I found this course intellectually challenging and stimulating.
2. I have learned and understood the subject matter in this course.
3. The workload in this course was reasonable and appropriate.
4. Course materials were well prepared and carefully explained.
5. Methods of assessing student work were fair and appropriate.
6. Feedback on assessments /graded work was valuable.
7. The teacher seemed enthusiastic about teaching the course.
8. The teacher encouraged students to share their own ideas and to ask questions.
9. The teacher was adequately accessible to students during office hours or after class.
10. Overall, this course compares well to others at this institution.
11. Overall, this person performs effectively as a university teacher.
Questions 12-16 will be created by the individual professor or chosen from an institutional question bank to reflect the particular goals or context of the course.
Your written responses are especially important to your professor as a means of discovering what was successful and what could be modified in the course. Therefore, please take a few minutes to write your responses to the following two questions. You may wish to print your comments to avoid recognition of your handwriting. Please note that any forms containing malicious or inappropriate comments will be destroyed.
17. Please indicate the important characteristics of this instructor/course that have been most valuable to your overall learning experience.
18. Please indicate the characteristics of this instructor/course you feel are most important to improve (particularly those aspects not mentioned elsewhere on this form).
19. Your level of interest in the subject prior to this course:
Very low: 1
Low: 2
Medium: 3
High: 4
Very high: 5
20. Your overall grade point average at Mount Allison:
Below 2.5: 1
2.5 - 2.9: 2
3.0 - 3.4: 3
3.5 - 3.7: 4
above 3.7: 5
21. Your expected grade in the course:
F: 1
D: 2
C: 3
B: 4
A: 5
22. Your reason for taking the course:
Required: 1
Distribution credit: 2
Elective: 3
Personal interest: 4
Other: 5
23. Your year in school:
5 (or above)
24. How many hours per week outside of class time do you spend working on this course?
0 to 2 hours
3 to 5 hours
6 to 8 hours
9 to 11 hours
over 11 hours
Thank you for your feedback.