This appendix was last updated as of September 30, 2016.

What follows documents the work that is underway or has been planned that will improve the accessibility of the University’s facilities:

  • Conceptual plans have already been prepared for the renovation of the Athletic Centre which, when the plans are implemented, will make that Centre accessible.
  • A number of buildings including the Avard Dixon Building, the Flemington Building, and Centennial Hall will only become accessible with the addition of elevators. Initial plans for such work have been prepared for two of those buildings.
  • The University’s facilities master plan is being updated.  This update will focus on the east end of campus and will include facilities such as the Ralph Pickard Bell Library as well as the Crabtree, Hart Hall and Gardiner buildings.  When renovations are planned for these buildings accessibility issues will be considered as part of the design process.

  • The University has completed audits which have identified most of the work that must be completed to make our facilities accessible.