Campus morale  

  • Initiate processes to consult faculty and community on collegial priorities going forward
  • Work to improve the morale and unity of the campus community, particularly the faculty, in the aftermath of the strike

Financial viability and sustainability  

  • Review and evaluate 2014-15 recruitment efforts and plan to improve recruitment performance for 2015-16
  • Maintain internal and external pressure on New Brunswick government to maintain/increase government grant support and to loosen the tuition constraint (i.e. end regulation)
  • Pursue MAFA arbitration process to limit impact on 2014-15 budget
  • Help to settle in new VP Robert Inglis

Program quality and innovation

  • Pursue strategies to increase performance and best use of personnel
  • Develop/pursue an institutional research strategy to improve results
  • Review and update student judicial and disciplinary issues and matters relating to campus security
  • Set wheels in motion to update the Strategic Statement

Physical sustainability

  • Complete construction of and move to the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts
  • Complete review and update of Campus Master Plan and set out campus priorities for the next decade
  • Renovate, modernize, improve residence facilities in a planned way

Extend Mount Allison's external reach

  • Ensure settling in of new marketing and communications director
  • Lever our new website and associated content
  • Preparation and completion of transitional mini-campaign
  • Pursue a controlled celebration of 175th anniversary, highlighting the Year of Culture and Creativity with the opening of the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts