The Presidential Advisory Committee on the Integrated Plan is responsible for developing a set of principles to guide the planning process and for developing the final Integrated Plan.

Terms of reference

1. The Presidential Advisory Committee on the New Integrated Plan, 2016-2025 (PAC) shall make recommendations to the President and Vice-Chancellor on the new integrated plan and its implementation, taking into account university priorities, financial sustainability considerations, and external factors that bear on the university.

2. The PAC shall:

  • a. Review and revise, as appropriate, the University’s mission, vision, and values.
  • b. Identify strategic priorities, measurable goals, and time targets for the achievement of those goals.
  • c. Consult with the Mount Allison University community and other relevant stakeholders for the purposes of recommending a new integrated plan to the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University.
  • d. Report on its progress through regular communiqués and town hall meetings.

3. The PAC shall provide its recommendations to the President and Vice-Chancellor on the new integrated plan and participate in consultations with the community prior to the plan's finalization and presentation to the University community and Mount Allison's governance bodies (i.e., Faculty Council, Senate, the Board of Regents).


MtA CampusMembers

  • Jeff Ollerhead, provost and vice-president, academic and research (co-chair)
  • Robert Inglis, vice-president, finance and administration (co-chair)
  • Five members representing each of the planning groups:
    • Marc Truitt (Academic)
    • David Bruce (Strategic Research)
    • Chris Parker (Student Affairs)
    • Laura Snyder (Campus Master Plan)
    • Suzie Currie (University Advancement)
  • Three members-at-large:
    • Kirsty Bell (MLL)
    • Anne Comfort (Meighen Centre)
    • Frank Strain (Economics)
  • Two students
    • Ryan Lebreton
    • Colton O'Shea
  • One dean or director
    • Sandy MacIver, director of the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies
  • Aloma Jardine, communications officer and co-ordinator

The Committee shall call upon additional academic and non-academic staff as needed to assist in its deliberations.