Student Affairs is in the process of developing a strategic plan.

Stakeholders will examine and set priorities on issues such as:

  • recruitment and retention
  • campus life on and off campus
  • the athletics strategic plan
  • the revision of key policies, in particular the student governance policy and the sexual harassment and sexual assault policies and procedures

Mission statement

Work collaboratively to provide supportive & challenging experiences that lead to the holistic development of students.

Purpose and guiding principles

  • Complement and reinforce the academic mission through innovative learning support programs
  • Individually and collectively embrace diversity and support inclusion
  • Open up the dialogue about health, wellness, and mental health
  • Support the growth of co-curricular, experiential, and service learning
  • Challenge students to become leaders as local and global citizens
  • Facilitate mentorship opportunities for students to actively participate in research and creative activities
  • Offer enriching international experiences and study abroad options
  • Become identified as a destination of choice for international students and scholars
  • Enable students to pursue their studies through proactive and responsive academic, financial, and social support
  • Contribute to a well rounded, positive student experience
  • Work collaboratively with faculty and staff to support the Student Affairs mission
  • Support the social, cultural, spiritual, academic, and leadership development of students
  • Foster and ensure a safe and respectful campus