Residence, the best years of your life!

Attending Mount Allison is an amazing adventure that begins in residence! You meet the most incredible people where you are part of a vibrant social scene and quickly and easily develop a social circle of friends.

Life is convenient when you are just steps away from classes, dining hall, and all other campus amenities. Imagine no dishes to wash, waking up just minutes before your class, and being in the centre of the university buzz.

Living in residence can open doors to some exciting leadership opportunities, both in your residence and within the larger Mount Allison community. Every year, each residence pulls together an enthusiastic, dynamic leadership team comprised of well-rounded individuals who are passionate about helping others. These positions are not only great ways to give back to your residence, and are also helpful as resume builders!  Every position is well trained by university staff and always ready to help their fellow students.

Keep reading for information about:

  • Residence assistants
  • Academic mentors
  • Residence executive
  • Residence dons
  • House representatives
  • Mount Allison Students' Union




Residence staff

Moving in to a new community can be both exciting and nerve-racking. For these reasons, the residence community has been designed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Residence staff live in residence and are available to residence students on a daily basis.

Residence Assistant
Residence Assistants, or RAs, are a team of upper-year students that are hired by Student Life. They serve as role models, mediators, and mentors for the house while ensuring that residence policies are followed. RAs also have the opportunity to develop programming for residents in a variety of different aspects of student life, such as academics, health and wellbeing, and mental health. These students are important in the promotion of a community atmosphere in residence. The team of RAs is spearheaded by an Assistant Don (AD) or Senior RA (SRA), who manages the team’s scheduling and assists the Dons in team building.

Hiring of ADs is done by the Student Life office. Click here for more details.
Hiring of SRAs is done by the Student Life office. Click here for more details.
Hiring of RAs is done by the Student Life office. Click here for more details. 

Academic Mentor
Academic Mentors, or Ac.Men, are upper-year students who are hired by Student Life to serve as an academic resource for residence students. Academic mentors provide academic support and mentorship to ease the transition into university life. These students hold office hours, offer help in a variety of areas such as essay writing, test preparation, and time management, and organize salons in residence. Salons are gatherings lead by faculty or other professionals where students can discuss a specific issue.  Topics range from mountain climbing to death and the afterlife.  Each residence has one academic mentor for math/science and one for writing/humanities support.

Hiring of the Ac.Men. is done by the Student Life office. Click here for more details.

Residence Don
Residence dons are mature adults or families who live in an apartment attached to each residence building. Each residence has its own don or dons who ensure the safety, mental and physical well-being, academic success and successful transition to university life for all students in their residence. Dons also directly oversee the RA, Ac.Men, and house executive teams to ensure the best experience for all resident students.

Hiring of the residence don is done by the Student Life office. Click here for more information.

Residence governance
One of the many aspects of residence unique to Mount Allison is our in-residence governance system.

House Executive
Each residence has their own peer-elected body of house executive which are responsible for the representation of the house in the larger MtA community. These students are elected in the spring by their peers for the upcoming academic year. Positions of the house executive typically include President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Social Chair.

House executive teams work together over the summer months to create in-residence orientation activities for new students arriving in both first and second semesters. These in-house orientation activities coincide with Mount Allison's Orientation Week activities. House executive continue to work diligently to plan events for their residents throughout the entire academic year, make residents aware of other activities happening on campus, and encourage support of the residences adopted varsity sports team.

For election information, contact your current house executive team.

House Representatives
House executive also oversee a residence council in each residence. These councils are comprised of members at large from the residence as well as a variety of house representatives.These positions are available to both first year and returning residence students; a great way to get involved at any level! House representatives are specific to each residence and may include:

  • 1st Year Rep - Responsible for taking concerns of fellow first years to the house executive.
  • Floor/Wing Rep - Responsible for bringing concerns of residents from their floor or wing to the appropriate residence leader: house president, SRA or AD, or don.  Also responsible for getting information out to the residents on their floor/wing or other duties assigned by the house executive.
  • Housing & Food Rep - Responsible for relaying their fellow resident's suggestions, concerns, and questions pertaining to Housing and Dining Services at monthly Food and Housing meetings.
  • Intramural Rep – Responsible for informing their residents about intramural game opportunities and organizing house teams for the games. They are also heavily involved in the coordination of Spirit Night, which is a yearly event on campus. 3
  • Eco-Rep - Students who are passionate about the environment and minimizing the residence’s ecological footprint. Each residence has one representative who sits on the Eco-Action committee and relays details from this committee to the house. These students can offer their knowledge and answer questions about different environmental issues and initiatives, such as C3 (Campus’ Environmental Challenge) and the Wet/Dry garbage system.
  • Health Rep - Responsible for monthly meeting with MtA's Nurse/Educator to pass along information to residents regarding flu seasons, health awareness, positive sexual health, etc.
  • Mental Health Rep -Responsible for monthly meetings with MtA's Mental Health Coordinator to help promote positive mental health in residence.

Most representatives are chosen in-residence during the first two weeks of class. Students interested in any of these positions should contact their current or future house executive.

Further information on specific residence governance systems can be found on the house-run websites. Check the Residence Profiles section for links.



Mount Allison Students’ Union
The Mount Allison Students’ Union represents all part-time and full-time students at Mount Allison University. It is managed by a six-person executive and governed by a democratically-elected council of students. Three councilors are elected from students living on the North side of campus (Campbell, Harper, and Windsor), and three councilors from students living on the South side of campus (Bennett, Bigelow, Edwards, Hunton, and Thornton). These students are responsible for representing their constituents on various issues, and serve a term from May to April. For more information, please visit the MASU’s website.

Leadership Mount Allison
Leadership Mount Allison is a program that provides integrative opportunities to learn about leadership, develop a personal leadership philosophy, apply and practice leadership skills, and attain leadership competencies within a variety of academic and co-curricular contexts. This program begins in the fall and through it students can achieve up to four certificates of leadership. Returning students can also participate as mentors, providing guidance and direction to a group. Interested students should look for registration details in the beginning of the year. For more information, please visit Leadership MtA