Bennett room

This newly renovated residence features singles, doubles, and ensuite rooms. Bennett also boasts private, all-gender bathrooms on each floor and is located a short distance from the Wallace McCain Student Center and Alumni Field.


Fast Facts

Room types: Double, single, single ensuite
Number of beds: 102
Mattress size: Twin (74'')
Amenities: Kitchen and laundry facilities on ground level
Furnishings: Movable furniture - bed, desk, closet unit with built-in shelving, chair, and mini-fridge
Bathrooms: Shared ensuite and private all-gender bathrooms
Storage: Shelving built-in above desk, underneath bed, and in closet
Lounges: One main lounge on ground level


Residence Team

Residence Don: Ian & Michelle McIntyre (T: 506-939-7400, E:
Assistant Don: Caiti Miller
Residence Assistants: Shiming Huang, Alex Sivret, & Cecilia Watt

Academic Mentor: Brian Beardsall
House President: Cole Jacquard
Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Gale
Co-Social Chairs: Emma Galloway & Tyler Ratcliffe

 Floor Plans

Ground Floor / First Floor / Second Floor / Third Floor 


Social Media

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