Edwards House is located on the south side of campus and is made-up of mostly single rooms. Edwards is one of the smaller residences on campus making it easy to develop strong friendships and become involved in residence activities. Edwards House is identified on the campus map as building #14.



Fast Facts

Room type: Single
Number of beds: 74
Mattress size: Twin (74'')
Amenities: Kitchen facilities on each floor, laundry facilities on ground level
Furnishings: Built-in furniture - bed, desk, dresser, closet, chair and mini-fridge.
Bathrooms: Single gender, all-gender community
Storage: Wall shelving, shelving under bed, built-in closets with storage above
Lounges: One main lounge on ground level, as well as smaller lounges on each floor, including a study lounge


Residence Team  

Residence Don: Beth Barczyk & Arnd Barczyk (T: 506-939-7200, E: edwardsdon@mta.ca)
Assistant Don: Jasmine Anderson
Residence Assistants: René Roy, Cody Rendell, & Emily Barrett
Academic Mentor: Jonah Sheinin
House President: Graeme Zinck
Vice President:
Amber LeBlanc
Meghan Fox
Social Chairs: Madelaine Smith & Nick Cuthburterson


Floor Plans

Ground Floor / First Floor / Second Floor / Third Floor