Hunton room

Hunton House boasts a family atmosphere, making it one of the most spirited houses on campus. Hunton has gained a reputation for its house-spirit as it is a recurrent winner of the President's Spirt Award. Hunton House offers double and single rooms with private, all-gender bathrooms on each level. Located on the south side of campus, Hunton is close to many amenities, including the Wallace McCain Student Centre and Athletic Centre.


Fast Facts

Room types: Double, single
Number of beds: 108
Mattress size: Twin (74'')
Amenities: Kitchen and laundry facilities on ground level
Furnishings: Movable furniture - bed, desk, built-in closet with dresser, chair, and mini-fridge
Bathrooms: Private, all gender
Storage: Wall shelving, built-in closet, some shelving above desk
Lounges: One main lounge and study lounge in basement


Residence Team

Residence Don: Donna Hurley & Scott Brown (T: 506-939-7300, E:
Assistant Don: Sarah Freeburn
Residence Assistants: Madelaine Russell, Everett Patterson, & Nigel Verret

Academic Mentor: Victoria Rust
House President: Melody Cobey
Vice-President: Noah Lubendo
Secretary/Treasurer: Molly Donahue
Social Chairs: Luke Mungall & Will Li


Floor Plans

Ground Floor / First Floor / Second Floor / Third Floor



Social Media

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