Making a new friend, one week at a time

MASSIE students are paired with Mount Allison students who volunteer their time as English conversation partners. Pairs meet a minimum of once a week for an hour at time for the duration of the program. There is no expectation for conversation partners to know or teach the formal elements of English grammar. Conversation is meant to be casual and the time spent together is intended to be fun. This is an opportunity for friendship, conversation and cross-cultural exchange.

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We are now accepting conversation partner applications for the Winter 2018 MASSIE program.
The Winter 2018 MASSIE program runs for six weeks from February 5th to March 19, 2018.  Please complete the application form before January 19, 2018. 

Please note that if we receive more applications than the number of participants, we will be matching students based on gender preferences and similar hobbies and interests.