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Make MASSIE part of your 2017 summer!  We are currently seeking families to help pairs of Japanese university students experience Canadian life and culture beyond the classroom.  Click on the application link below.  

What is a MASSIE partner family anyway?  
Pairs of MASSIE students are matched with local and area families (Sackville, Amherst, Moncton) who agree to meet their students at least once a month over the course of the summer (mid-May to mid-August). 

The date, duration, and nature of each meeting is left for the families and students to decide on their own. It might be a backyard BBQ, a trip to the beach, an afternoon of shopping, or an evening spent watching minor league soccer action. 

Families are not expected to go out of their way to make elaborate plans for get-togethers with the students, but are encouraged to include them in that which is routine. It's through this natural contact with members of the community that the students come to experience the language and culture in a first-hand and often unforgettable way. It's through this same contact that families hopefully come away from the summer with a unique cultural experience of their own.

Partner families are not host families. The students live in residence and eat on campus. Partner families help to take the MASSIE experience beyond the classroom and into the community.

  • To apply, click on Application in the adjacent Useful Links box.  The application deadline has been extended until Wednesday, May 10.
  • To read about other partner families' MASSIE experiences, click on Testimonials.
  • To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click on the FAQ link.