Leadership Mount Allison is pleased to acknowledge the generosity of the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation through the establishment of the J.-A. Bombardier International Travel Grant. Visionary, inventor, and entrepreneur, Joseph-Armand Bombardier (1907-1964) was a highly committed and internationally recognized philanthropist with a strong sense of community and corporate responsibility. He very much valued and supported social innovation.

This award is designed to provide Mount Allison students with an opportunity to develop their own sense of social responsibility andBombardier 2013 Recipients leadership. Each year the International Travel Grant will provide support for travel costs to a returning Mount Allison student(s) whose goal is to make a positive impact in a developing country by conducting research with a non-governmental organization or by collaborating with the non-profit sector on an internship or special project. The student will receive academic credit for this real-world experience.

Please note: Research projects conducted with an organization working in a developing country are also eligible for funding.

This award is open to students from any discipline.

Selection Criteria

  • Students are or will be beyond the 1st year of academic studies at time of implementing or completing the internship. Students who are not returning to Mount Allison are ineligible.
  • Students have a minimum TGPA of 3.2 and provide an unofficial transcript confirming this GPA.
  • Students have approval for an experiential learning credit.
  • Students must provide a description of a project or internship plan which is directly affiliated with a non-profit, governmental, or non-governmental agency; includes an explanation of how the host organization reflects the goals, ideals, and values of Leadership Mount Allison; incorporates an assessment plan that explains how the student will demonstrate what he or she has learned; and demonstrates how the student will be challenged to reflect critically on, integrate, and apply the knowledge and experience gained.
  • Students must provide a draft budget that details the cost of the project or internship (i.e. travel cost, accommodations, living expenses, etc.).
Upon Completion of the Internship

Once the internship or project finishes, the adjudication committee requires a 5-6 page summary report of the intern’s experience, a financial report, and a learning assessment. These documents must be submitted within one month of the internship being concluded. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the internship and return of funds provided.
To ensure that your application meets the expectations for the International Travel Grant, PLEASE READ and consider the following as you devise your project or internship plan.

Leadership competencies 

  • Personal development. This may include the acquisition of skills such as accessing and critiquing sources of information, ethical reasoning and decision-making, oral and written communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving, cultural competence, goal setting, visioning, and risk-taking.
  • Interpersonal development. This may include recognition of the influences on leadership of multiple aspects of identity, such as race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, class disability, nationality, religion, and ethnicity.
Partner organizations

An appropriate organization:

  • has a vision, mission, goals, and values comparable to those of Leadership Mount Allison, e.g. we value and encourage participation by individuals of any race, ethnicity, nation or origin, first language, socio-economic status, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, and/or ability;
  • facilitates opportunities for the student to engage actively with the local community and provides formal/informal support and mentorship for the student;
  • works to ensure that the cross-cultural interaction is an enriching experience for the student;
  • provides formal or informal opportunities for the student to understand local issues within a cultural and/or socio-historical context.
PLEASE NOTE: Leadership Mount Allison reserves the right to reject any partner organization that either explicitly or institutionally encourages, racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.

Learning assessment plan
A good learning assessment plan includes:

  • a statement on learning objectives for the internship and an explanation of what steps students will take to achieve them, e.g. identify the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, or behaviours you aim to acquire through the project or internship;
  • a statement on learning outcomes, e.g. what should you know and be able to do by the end of your project or internship;
  • an explanation of how you will track your learning, e.g. writing weekly reflections on the progress of your project or internship (which may be incorporated in the final report) that allows you to adjust your learning goals and outcomes where necessary or to reflect on the challenges you encounter;
  • an explanation on how you will integrate and apply the knowledge you acquire.

To apply
The application for Summer 2018 will be available soon. Please contact studyabroad@mta.ca for additional information about the application process.