Cross Cultural College (CCC) at Kwansei Gakuin University (Winter 2018)


Join students from Queen's, the University of Toronto, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) and Mount Allison as part of a jointly-developed certificate program that focuses on contemporary issues in Japanese and Canadian business, politics and culture.

Credits earned during the Program will transfer back to Mount Allison at the 2000-level and will likewise count towards the completion of a Cross Cultural College Certificate. All courses are taught in English. Knowledge of Japanese is helpful but not a requirement. Where/when applicable, tuition is paid to Mount Allison. Any program-related charges are paid directly to KGU. Students are responsible for all other incidental and travel costs. Japanese government scholarships are also available.

For a full description of each of the available programs, refer to the Program Description section below.



Program Overview   

The Global Career Seminar aims to introduce current business issues, and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze and find solutions for actual problems assigned to them by companies/organizations based in Canada. The seminar will organize students screened and selected from Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) and its three partner universities into groups. The students will then be given specific business problems, offered by representatives from corporations, which they will be expected to analyze and propose solutions for. During the fall semester recorded online pre-seminar sessions will be provided for preparation, and on commencement of the seminar at University of Toronto, further lectures, discussions not only with pier students but also with the company executives, and preparation for group presentations will take place. The final presentations will be made to the representatives of the companies and organizations that proposed the problems. For details please see the attached syllabus. 

-The companies/organizations involved in February 2017 program (last year);  Air Canada, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited, Kuehne + Nagel, Moneris, Toyota Canada Inc. 

-Brief schedule for host company/organization allocation; *The host companies/organizations have not been fixed yet, and will be announced once they are confirmed.  13th January 2018 Company/Organization Introduction (recorded online lecture)  18th January 2018 (tentative) Deadline for submitting company/Organization preference  19th January 2018 (tentative) Announcement of the preference results 


Program Period    

19th February ~ 24th February 2018 conducted at the St. George Campus of University of Toronto    

*Mt.A and Queen’s students enter accommodation on 18th February, and U of T students enter accommodation on 19th February. All students from Canada will check out from accommodation on 24th February. 


Online Pre-Seminar Sessions

10 Pre-Seminar Sessions will be conducted starting from late November (the number is subject to change).    

*Applicants must watch all the recorded online Pre-Seminar Sessions stated in the Syllabus.  



3 credits will be awarded from KGU. Credits awarded by KGU will be recognized and transferred by participating students’ home universities. 



KGU will arrange shared accommodation (without meals) for the participants during the program, which will be included in the program fees. The accommodation where students are going to stay is as follows.  Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre  30 Carlton St. Toronto | 416-977-6655   

*We ask all participants including U of T’s students to stay in the accommodation throughout the program, as this is an important concept for the program which facilitates the communication between students from all four universities. 


Tuition fees    

*Participating students should pay applicable tuition fee to the home university.

*KGU will charge no tuition fees. (Each student attending the Global Career Seminar will be calculated as 0.125 of a one-year exchange student.)  


Program fees 

*Students are asked to pay the program fees to KGU. Please refer to the attached “Program Fees and Travel  Arrangements” for the details of what is included in the fee. 

*Students are responsible for their own meals and transportation cost (including travel cost to and from Toronto, and commuting cost to and from University of Toronto) during the program.  


Travel Arrangements   

*Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Toronto. 

*Students from Mt.A and Queen’s are required to make travel arrangements in order to check in to the hotel in the evening of 18th February, and to depart Toronto in the late afternoon of 24th February. (All students are required to attend the wrap-up session in the morning of 24th February.) 


Number of Places    

15 Students will participate in the program. The number of places for each university is as follows.

– 3 from Mount Allison University 

– 4 from Queen’s University 

-8 from University of Toronto 


Conditions for Application

*Applicants must have completed two semesters of study at their home university as of 31st January, 2018. Graduate students are not eligible. 

*Applicants must watch all the recorded online Pre-Seminar Sessions stated in the Syllabus.  


Inquiries and Applications

*Intending applicants should apply to the relevant office (listed below) of their home university with the  documents listed below. *Each university will inform the Cross-Cultural College office at KGU of the applicants list with the application documents by 31st October Canada time. 

  Contact Office       Mount Allison University: International Centre