Many of our faculty members have expressed an interest in working with industry to address R&D needs. Some of the expertise and equipment available include:

Dr. Vett Lloyd, Biology
Expertise: Modeling a variety of human genetic and metabolic conditions to understand cell properties and behaviour.
Equipment: Cell Culture Facility (CO2 incubator; non-CO2 incubator; biological safety cabinet; full suite of molecular and microscopy equipment)

Dr. Matt Litvak, Biology
Expertise: Fish ecology and aquaculture; fish sperm research and development of alternate species for aquaculture.
Equipment: Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, and Atomic Spectrometer; Microinjection facility equipment; 6,000 litre tank system; 57 tank recirculation racksystem; Argo Amphibious Vehicle; Hovercraft; Computer assisted semen analysis system; High speed camera; Controlled rate freezer for sperm cryopreservation; Vapor pressure osmometer; Olympus dissecting scope

Dr. Suzanne Currie, Biology
Expertise: ecophysiology of fish, in particular the mechanisms of thermal tolerance in fish and the interactions of abiotic stress and environmental contaminants.
Equipment: Centre for Aquatic Biosciences has: holding tanks (various dimensions and volumes with environmental controls, wet tables, tide chambers, proportional diluter and analytical instrumentation); two RT-RT-Q-PCR machines; three CCD molecular imagers; two spectrofluorometer/ spectrophotometer plate readers; molecular cloning facilities; deconvolution fluorescence microscope; cell transfection system, cell free overexpression systems, algal cell culture facilities, and ancillary instrumentation

Dr. Vicki Meli, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Specializes in the development and testing of various nanoparticles and nanoparticle-containing thin films as well as liquid crystalline thin films.
Equipment: atomic force microscope; epi-fluorescent microscope; synthetic preparative equipment (refrigerator/freezer, temperature controlled hotplates/ stirrers, sonicator, rotary evaporator, centrifuge, pH-meter)

Dr. Amanda Cockshutt, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Protein dynamics and environmental biochemistry.
Equipment: Full suite of biochemistry lab equipment for molecular quantitations to mathematical models of environmental processes

Dr. Andrew Hamilton-Wright, Mathematics and Computer Science
Expertise: Development of computational decision support tools for high-risk decision making, especially in clinical diagnostic characterization of muscular disease state based on the use of electromyographic (EMG) data.
Equipment: "DQEMG" (to decompose EMG data for quantitative analysis); "Muscle simulator" ("gold standard" validation data for EMG); "Fuzzy Pattern Discovery" software

Digital Microscopy Facility
Expertise: Provides microscopy‐based analytical services to academic, non‐profit and commercial clients worldwide, and offers the following diagnostic capabilities: traditional (tungsten emitter) scanning electron microscopy (SEM); energy dispersive x‐ray spectroscopy (EDS); pptically sectioned fluorescence microscopy (Zeiss AxioImager.Z2/Apotome); image processing and analysis; broad range of sample preparation equipment for biological, geological, and materials science specimens.
Equipment: JEOL JSM-5600 scanning electron microscope; Oxford Inca Energy 200 energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) system; Zeiss AxioImager.Z2 compound fluorescence light microscope

Aquatic & Environmental Analyses Services
Expertise: Quantitative analyses of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur; statistical analyses of biological data, and controlled, characterized algal and phytoplankton cultures.
Equipment: Elemental analyzer; various support tools


 More details can be found in Summary of Research Expertise and Equipment at MTA.