Student Success Course

The Student Success Course is designed to help build the academic and study skills that will help you succeed in your university career at Mount Allison. This course is required of some first-year students, but all Mount Allison students are invited to attend. 

The Student Success Course is particularly useful for students who find themselves challenged by heavy study and reading loads, by exams or papers, or by the transition to university. Each year, the course has about 150 registered students, who break off into six groups led by upper-year student leaders. Your group leaders will walk you through weekly discussions, activities, and exercises that will help you build and develop academic strengths. 

Class meets every Wednesday evening (6:00 - 9:00) in the Crabtree Auditorium. You can self-enrol for the course on Moodle.



24: Introduction to the course; time management 
Workshop : Tonight's class will begin with a discussion about what went wrong last term, what you can do to turn things around, and how we can organize this course to speak to those needs. The vast majority of students struggle with time management, so we'll devote the bulk of our time this evening to creating a study schedule for your classes. Please be sure to bring the syllabi (course outlines) for all your classes, so you have information about the regular reading/assignment schedules, as well as deadlines for major assignments/exams.

Managing Readings; Note-Taking Strategies 
Workshop : We'll workshop reading strategies - how to maximize your reading time, how to use your reading notes as study guides, etc. We'll also explore different note-taking styles to help you take more effective notes in class. 


Academic Self-Assessment  
Workshop : Where are you in each of your courses? What work has been completed, and what remains to be done? In this evening's workshop, you'll complete an assessment of where you're at in each of your courses. We will use this self-assessment to determine what other support services might be helpful to you as you complete the term. 

Writing / Memorization 
Workshop : Midterms are upon us, and papers are soon due. In this evening's workshop, you'll figure out a timeline for writing any papers you might have due. We will also explore some tips for study and memorization in preparation for midterms.


Mental Health: Self-Care, Culture Shock, and Isolation
Workshop : Tonight's workshop will focus on mental health during the transition to university. We will explore self-care in a new environment, and helpful ways of responding to culture shock and isolation.


Class Presentations and Participation Grades 
Workshop : This evening, we'll discuss the terrible, awful Class Presentation. We'll explore tips to help you feel comfortable participating in class discussions and delivering formal presentations, without dying of embarrassment (there is a trick to it!) 

 Finances and Self-Advocacy 
Workshop : In this workshop, we'll discuss all of the different resources available to us at Mount Allison, and in Sackville. We will also explore how and where to find work on campus, in town, and over the summer.

Exam prep 
Tutorial Workshop : Tonight, we will workshop different exam preparation exercises and study tips. We will also discuss strategies for managing test anxiety.

 The Value of a Liberal Arts Education 
Tutorial Workshop : What's the use of a university education? Today, we'll unpack what it means to be "educated," why education is important, and what this all means, specifically, for you. We will also reflect on what we've learned in this course, and write a Learning Reflection as a final project.