Application Requirements

The application process for the Reisman Entrepreneurship Internships follows three stages. Click the download links below to access the resources and templates you’ll need to complete each stage.

If you have questions as you’re creating your application, feel free to contact Dawn Henwood Nickerson, Manager of Experiential Learning:

Stage 1: Business Model Canvas with Video Pitch
Due March 22, 2017


1. Business Model Canvas (BMC)

You must use the required template.

For help completing your BMC, consult this detailed guide and check out this list of online resources.

2. Short video


Link to a three-to-five minute video fleshing out the business idea captured in the BMC.This video is your chance to pitch the Reisman Entrepreneurship Internship Committee on the value of your idea and convince them that it’s worth pursuing. Specifically, your video should:

-Build on the one-page summary (BMC)
-Provide and explain your unique value proposition
-Identify the reasons that your product or service will “find traction”
-Explain the personal qualities and experiences that equip you or your group to take on an entrepreneurial venture

Important technical note: To avoid technical difficulties with your application, submit your video as a link, NOT as a file attachment.

3. Letters of support from two references:

-One faculty member with whom you’ve taken at least one course
-One employer or entrepreneurial connection

Stage 2: Interview with the Reisman Entrepreneurship Internship Committee

March 28-29, 2017


Five-minute live pitch (visual aids optional)

Stage 3: Written Internship Proposal

April 5, 2017


Revised BMC — This version should show how your thinking has evolved since your interview with the Reisman Entrepreneurship Internship Committee
Business Action Plan—Tentative list of the activities you expect to complete during the internship and your planned timeline.
Business Budget—Estimates of your anticipated costs, including salary or salaries
Learning Plan—Specific learning objectives you hope to achieve through the internship
Mentor contact information—Name and contact details for a mentor who will commit to meet with you (in person or via the Internet) at least once a month over the course of the internship. Your mentor should be a supportive person who will be accessible and willing to serve as a sounding board, a source of ideas and connections, and a devil’s advocate to challenge your assumptions
Mentor consent—Copy of an e-mail confirming that the mentor understands his or her role in the internship and agrees to meet at least monthly.

Important technical note: Make sure you use the required templates for your Business Action Plan, Business Budget, and Learning Plan.

All documents should be submitted to Career Services:

If you have any questions as you complete the application process, feel free to contact
Dawn Henwood Nickerson: