An internship is so much more than an ordinary summer job

Matthew CrossAn internship is a paid position thoughtfully designed to give you a rich learning experience. Becoming an intern allows you to test-drive a possible future career, industry, or organization with confidence, knowing that you have training and support behind you the whole time.

Throughout the application process and your placement, our experiential learning team will be there to answer questions, provide advice, and connect you with other interns pursuing their own adventures.

Check out what some of our recent interns have to say about their life-changing experiences.

What kinds of internships does Mount A offer?

We offer four different kinds of internships, each with its own challenges and rewards. Explore the links below to find out details concerning the application process and upcoming deadlines.

Commerce internship

Ron Joyce Centre Internships in business
Find out how the “real world” of business really works. We offer positions designed in partnership with employers from across Canada.

Reisman Internships for entrepreneurial ventures or social initiatives
Are you a creative person keen to turn your passion into a career path? You could receive funding of up to $15,000 to start a business, pivot an existing business, or start an organization that aims to make a social impact. Available to individuals or teams.

Design-your-own internships
Attention dreamers and adventurers: these donor-funded internships give you the chance to dream big and act boldly. They give you the freedom to choose the organization where you want to work (in Canada or abroad) and create your own learning plan.

Campus internships
Gain insight into the many roles that support an educational institution and contribute to your campus community while you develop  job skills. Some campus internships are available to recent graduates.

You can also create your own internship by convincing an organization to hire you under the Mount A internship program. As long as your internship meets program requirements, you’ll enjoy the same kind of support that’s provided to other Mount A interns.

Lily DartHow many times a year does the Mount A internship program run?
Our off-campus internships provide full-time employment, so we offer them once a year, in the summer. Most start around the first week of May and wrap up in late August.

Some of our on-campus internships run throughout the academic year.

Who can apply for an internship?
An internship immerses you in work similar to work you’d do as a new graduate. To make sure that you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your role, the best time to take on a summer internship is between your third and fourth year.

Some of our on-campus internships run during the academic year. These are suitable for third- or fourth-year students. 

We also offer a few post-graduate internships in university departments.