Student Code of Conduct

Mount Allison is a close-knit community of learners where respectful living and inquiry are valued and upheld. The University uses policies to set forth its expectations for acceptable student conduct in both academic and non-academic matters.

Other policies that speak specifically to student conduct in other areas that overlap with the Student Code of Conduct:

Where standards are not met – and the rights, safety, and dignity of students are infringed upon – University policies are employed to provide a framework for review, sanction, and resolution. As an institution of higher learning, Mount Allison desires for educative outcomes that promote personal accountability and restoration of/within the community. Where this is not possible or appropriate, more directed and sometimes punitive measures are applied.

In all things, administration of these policies seeks to be clear, fair, and timely. To this end, the information on this page is designed to help students understand and navigate the various policies that apply to their conduct in and out of the classroom.

Residence Life Code of Conduct

The Residence Life Code of Conduct (pdf) outlines the University's expectations for respectful community living in residence. These expectations are largely captured by the list of rights and responsibilities in Appendix A: Community Standards for Residence Living. All sanctions detailed in the Residence Life Code of Conduct seek to safeguard these rights and underscore these responsibilities.