The Meighen Centre provides services and accommodations to Mount Allison University students with documented disabilities. It is located on the third floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre.


ACAnne Comfort, MEd
Director, Accessibility and Student Wellness
Room 332 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2527

MK Matt Kalichuk, BA
Disability Services Advisor
Room 337 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2604

MM2Matt Maston, BEd
Disability Services Advisor
Room 331 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2175

SW Susan Waye, BSW
Peer Tutor & Note Taker Co-ordinator
Room 338 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2526 




Erica Pryde 1 Erica Pryde, BSW
Transitions Advisor
Room 321 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2641



Christine Bezanson 1Christine Bezanson, BA
Meighen Centre Intern
Room 338 WMSC
Phone: (506) 364-2641