The Peer Mentor Program was started in January 2013 as a way to support students at Mount Allison that can benefit from organizational and/or social skills guidance.

Students eligible for a peer mentor generally have documentation from a professional which indicates that a peer mentor or “coach” could be valuable. The program aims to benefit the entire Mount Allison community, as faculty, staff, and the entire student population gain from the success and achievements of students that have the ability to prosper with appropriate guidance and support.

Students needing such support are, like all of us, unique and diverse. When a mentor is paired with a mentee, they will be given more information on the particular needs of the individual. Generally the pair meets two times a week and focus could be on helping to organize the mentees schedule, discussing social topics, such as body language, figurative language etc. or other topics that come up which foster success at university. The pair might meet for coffee and talk about a book or recent news. They might play a game of chess or cards. Depending on individual needs, the topics and activities will vary. The goal is to encourage both academic and social success.

Peer Mentors are required to meet with supervisors regularly (bringing up any important information), keep a journal of meetings and activities, keep information confidential and have an understanding of boundaries that are to be kept.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact Matt Maston at